Why turn down an MBE, OBE or a knighthood?

"We have to look at the legacy that we leave for our children." This is why footballer and anti-racism campaigner Howard Gayle said no to an MBE.

12/06/2019 08:09updated: 02/07/2019 13:04
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  • Ray M.
    30/06/2019 22:21

    I remember Howard well first game i seen him play was Emlyn Hughes testamonial game against munchingladbach Emlyns wife gave me 10 tickets for the game i coloured her hair, great tip at the time, Howard was very fast unfortunately didn't get a good run at LFC

  • Joan K.
    30/06/2019 10:02

    Well said. As usual Howard you say it as it is. X

  • Pete S.
    30/06/2019 09:33

    Ours is possibly the most caring and accepting country in the world. Should we hold it against the Germans and Japanese for two world wars and the associated atrocoties. Not one bit.Forgive and forget. As for Muslims they constantly commit atrocoties throughout the world on a daily basis They need to change. 😠😠

  • Evonne J.
    29/06/2019 22:40

    We need to stop apologising for the atrocities and start to talk about repatriation Uncomfortable as it may be for”delicate whites in denial but clear cut beneficiaries”

  • Jonathan F.
    29/06/2019 18:56

    Well said that man! The cleansing of Empire is an industry. Romantic bollox that hides from reality.

  • Bryan D.
    29/06/2019 09:10

    The first slaves documented were white Irish people.

  • Mike S.
    29/06/2019 01:17

    Its fine to berate britains colonial past, i agree it was abhorrent but....... why not berate the africans themselves who enslaved far more than any european ever did, why not berate the muslim empire who enslaved more africans than the rest of the world ever did,its always the british or usa who get slated yet it was the us and uk who abolished slavery worldwide, yet for nearly 1500 years prior ottomans enslaved, millions of africans, 4500 years prior egyptians enslaved millions and still today mainly asian and africa continue to enslave people. You need to look at the bigger picture instead of picking the soft easy option.

  • Michael T.
    28/06/2019 22:31

    No one is defending slavery. Most western nations it's now illegal and everyone is trying to move on. In parts of the UK buildings that were named after slave traders have been renamed. Before African slave trade it was white deportees that were used as slaves. It was white peasants that kept aristocracy rich. It's happened since the start of mankind. Havard and Yeay university were formed front funding from the slave and opium trades. Britain didn't invent slavery. The great buildings like the pyramids, of Egypt the great Wall of China, the Roman colluseum and many more. Were all built from slavery. What do you do, knock them all down. The first black player I saw was a player called Laurie Cuningham. He played for Leyton Orient against Sunderland. Yes there were a few remarks but mostly out of jest rather than insult. At the end of the match that same player received a standing ovation at Roker Park and is still one the best players I have ever seen. Now around that time there was a lot of racial chanting which needed stamping out. I feel football has come a long way since then. Yes there is always room for improvement. But with 60,000 people in a stadium you can't expect them all to stand there and be good. It will only work if everyone makes the effort and stop dwelling on the past.

  • Robert D.
    28/06/2019 22:05

    It still goes on in every country jesus.

  • Peter A.
    28/06/2019 21:50

    What a load of old cobblers. Why was being a black slave any different from being a white slave. Which is still happening today, unchallenged? We were slaves two thousand years ago. We fought back to regain our freedom. But the slavery of black people was never about the white race. It was executed predominantly by Asiatic's and Arabs. Black also sold other black people into slavery. We whites only turned it into a commercial enterprise! But,in defence of that, we were the only race to fight wars to free black slaves! And it started in Britain! Black slavery was,is and always will be a black problem! As they started the whole barbaric episode. They need to draw a close on it now. Move on!

  • Terry S.
    28/06/2019 20:24

    Top man is Howie Gayle. Other people from various working class backgrounds and situations have accepted gongs of this nature from the self same establishment that has taken the piss out of them down the years well done Howie .

  • Dave P.
    28/06/2019 15:20

    People who post this crap really should bone up on the history of slavery

  • Don V.
    28/06/2019 14:21

    He will be better known ( only just) now than when he played.Who is he ? Don Vicary Mr

  • Sharat D.
    28/06/2019 13:42

    All those people not condemning the horrific slave trade but ducking & diving with various feeble excuses, need to come to terms with the reality! Accept & come to terms with it!

  • Nathan C.
    28/06/2019 12:05

    Well I’m not being funny but if he did research then he would find Muslims from certain parts of the world started the African slave trade so I’m a bit bemused seeing we were the first country to abolish it , don’t get me wrong the British empire was a big contributing factor to the slave trade but so was every other empire

  • Andrew D.
    28/06/2019 11:12

    The Royal Navy stopped slavery in Brazil. They had a word with 14 Slave ships that were running between Africa and Brazil . 10 of them agreed to stop Slaving the other 4 the Royal navy sunk. Lets remember the Royal navy used press gangs which is basically white slaves.

  • David S.
    28/06/2019 09:46

    But wasn't it the Royal navy that put a stop to the North Atlantic slave trade?.. sadly doesn't slavery continue in Northern Africa? Arabs enslaving black Africans.. I've seen the documentary unbelievable in this day and age

  • Peter H.
    28/06/2019 09:07

    Attention seeker.

  • Imber C.
    28/06/2019 07:40


  • Gavin S.
    28/06/2019 06:40

    I think he's headed the ball too much.

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