• Орест Х.
    04/12/2018 15:11

    Olena Ivanovna Stepanov (pseudo - Elena Stepanivna) (December 7, 1892, Vyshnivchik village, Peremyshlyan district, now Peremyshlyan district, Lviv region - July 11, 1963, Lviv) - Ukrainian historian, geographer, public figure and military figure; the world's first woman officially enlisted in military service in the rank of officer; the bloc of the Ukrainian Galician Army. Sister Ananiya Stepaniva, mother of Yaroslav Dashkevich. Prisoner of Soviet camps.

  • Jamie M.
    13/11/2018 17:17

    🤔 so it was an all woman effort and the men just pissed off over seas to die for no reason? Okay!

  • Steven M.
    13/11/2018 13:54

    Why is this posted like it's not common knowledge women worked during WW1? nor is it that big of a deal, everyone did their part, everyone contributed

  • Simon G.
    13/11/2018 11:16

    I think the point is, women played a part in the war! And without there efforts on the home front! In factories making engines for planes and tanks and munitions for our weapons we might not have prevailed.

  • Mark C.
    13/11/2018 10:28

    Did any of the great war heroes wear capes? They'd get caught on everything 😂

  • Weronika P.
    13/11/2018 08:40

    jesus what a world we’re living in. Men during war literally sacrificed their lives for the country and lived through great pain knowing they wont see their family again, and cheap news websites would rather write about “introducing the REAL heroes of war! WOMEN! Look, this one went to college instead of looking for a husband. And this one worked in a factory during war! Such bravery😩😩”

  • Bogdan C.
    13/11/2018 05:34


  • Billy H.
    13/11/2018 03:43

    Making war about gender is truly a new low for brut

  • Paudie D.
    13/11/2018 03:28

    Nobody ever stated that it was only men. Another ridiculous Feminist headline. Get a f*****g grip. 😡😡

  • Ryan M.
    13/11/2018 01:30

    "nor were they male" ...... Needless edition to the title don't you think

  • Jason R.
    12/11/2018 23:12