The life of Elon Musk

He plans to connect our brains to computers and colonize Mars. This is the life of Elon Musk.

21/05/2020 12:29
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  • Herlina H.
    8 hours


  • King C.
    11 hours

    Mars as an alternative to earth is not for average or poor people though.

  • Dhanapal S.
    16 hours

    Every century we had the Droids who changed the dynamics of life..from the first fellow who sat the the steam flying drone taxi now....droids will take over the world...

  • Jay P.
    16 hours

    The doomsday event his talking about is the Great filter 😂

  • Muhammad I.
    a day

    And he is not jews.. (because most jews claim they are the most smart people on earth)

  • Shah R.
    a day

    Are you an alien? 👽yflmi

  • Kelby L.
    3 days

    Don’t care

  • Paul M.
    3 days

    Elon Musk is the alien .lol

  • Joel S.
    5 days

    ., jvc I 61 pi 1q

  • Puneet T.
    5 days

    Wall E part 2 is coming soon Directed by Elon Musk Starting Actor bill gates and jeff bezos..😂😂

  • Brad M.
    6 days

    He's bettee then Bill Gates

  • Caleb C.
    6 days

    This man is doing more for humanity than all the morons is this thread combined

  • Jesse H.
    6 days

    Wait till the MAGA idiots hear connecting brain to computer.. Musk will have to use a Commodore 64 for the MAGA connections...

  • Juan M.
    6 days


  • Zachary D.
    6 days

    "not true" exactly what a alien would say 🤨🤔🧐

  • Cullen M.
    6 days

    Remember kids. If you have enough money you can say and do whatever you want and just buy 'news' stories later. I mean this dude has had over a dozen fluff pieces written about him from tech insider and brut in the past two weeks. Right after public opinion turned on him.

  • Frank H.
    6 days

    Do you have any ideas Elon Musk such as the situation room here in Seattle [email protected]

  • Roman G.
    29/05/2020 01:09

    He's a weird asf dude everytime I see this guy I get like a Hannibal vibe

  • Dustin W.
    28/05/2020 23:53

    What makes mars more practical then the moon Elon?

  • Brandon M.
    28/05/2020 09:39

    Who cares ! We need to take care of our planet before we worry about space