This animal-only bridge is saving lives and wildlife

About a million animals are killed in road accidents every day in the U.S. But this special bridge in Utah is allowing its wildlife to safely cross a 6-lane highway.

22/05/2021 16:58


  • Sunny S.
    21 hours

    What we take and what we give back to nature. It's a cruel joke.

  • Vishnu T.
    a day

    Many more such animaly friendly crossings are needed, for the animals to familiarize and prefer these bridge over crossing the highways

  • Tabatha M.
    a day

    Driving my kids to school I saw at least 10 dead animals on the road. It’s only 10 minutes away.

  • Kyle A.
    2 days

  • David W.
    2 days

    How considerate of Man.

  • Mare B.
    3 days

    In Banf Alberta Can,they have one of these with plants and trees.Saves lots of animals.

  • Ezee Z.
    3 days

    million animals a day .... for fukk sake ... 🙄

  • Sanjay R.
    3 days

    Million animals a day? Are you sure?

  • Elsa F.
    3 days

    They build one in San Antonio Texas on Wurzbach Parkway ❤️

  • Leslie B.
    3 days

    Great idea❤

  • Josh E.
    3 days

    this is the kind of thing I was talking about. Awesome