• Apao V.
    31/08/2018 01:46


  • Saja J.
    25/08/2018 20:34


  • Elfat Z.
    25/08/2018 13:44

    It would actually be worse for humans and earth if every human went vegan

  • Ahmed E.
    21/08/2018 11:14

    The bloke looks hungry 😂

  • عبدالبارى ا.
    17/08/2018 23:04


  • José R.
    13/08/2018 22:53

    This actually a pretty cool idea, I’m not vegetarian myself, but he said that sport carries that message quite well and on that I can certainly agree. However I don’t see this happening at a bigger club with way more people involved.

  • Salaheddine B.
    13/08/2018 18:02

    Merci pour cette pensée habibi .

  • Nabil H.
    13/08/2018 00:09

    c'est l'occasion pour briller... I believe in you 😎

  • Daniel A.
    04/08/2018 23:47

    Win some games maybe people will cheer idk

  • Vladislav V.
    04/08/2018 16:22

    чакам да ти обявят трансфера

  • Monir M.
    04/08/2018 15:33

    I am a Citizen of Bangladesh 🇧🇩 This is a plea for help. On 29th of July 2018 school going students were killed by a reckless bus driver. The students protested with slogans on the same bus stand. Since then All students of Bangladesh are protesting for safer roads and more strict regulations. Their intention was never to harm even a single person. Neither it is now. But today POLICE AND PEOPLE OF CHATRO LEAGUE tortured students with tear shell, they beat students brutally and raped the female students (on 2nd August 2018). The students are trying to defend themselves with sticks and tree branches that they've found on the streets. 4 students have been murdered and other 4 female students have been raped, many more have been injured severly. And the Government is sitting there silent. WE NEED YOUR HELP. PLEASE. LET THE WORLD KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON IN BANGLADESH

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