These birds can mimic many sounds from their environment

[Sound on 🔔] What you're hearing is one of the most complex songs in the animal kingdom.

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Pre-#MeToo movements against sexual violence

Long before #MeToo, these campaigns led by women shed light on the global sexual assault epidemic.

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The life of Celeste Barber

She raised $25 million in 3 days to fight the deadly bushfires in Australia, her homeland. This is the "funniest woman on Instagram," Celeste Barber.

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Sarcastic awards for men

These satirical drawings praise men for doing the bare minimum. 👏

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Exoskeletons are transforming lives

Exoskeletons could be one of the most important tech breakthroughs of the 21st century. Here's why.

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How The Dairy Industry Made Milk a Diet Staple

Got milk? But do you actually need it? Here's how the dairy industry pushed milk as a health product. 🐮🥛

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This viral photo of a little girl holding a koala

This photo of a little girl holding a koala in the midst of Australia's raging wildfires has gone viral, but it isn't genuine...

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Retracing the Painful Past at an Internment Camp

This is why two Japanese-Americans decided to go back to the Wyoming internment camp where they were imprisoned as children.

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Youth climate activists you don’t know yet

Five young climate activists whose names aren’t Greta.

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The Life of Ilhan Omar

She fled her country and spent four years in a refugee camp. Now, she’s the first Somali-American in Congress. This is Ilhan Omar's story.

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