NYC Restaurant Owner Puts People Over Profit

1.2 million New Yorkers struggle to eat each year. This restaurant owner is doing his part to change that.

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Timeline of Michael Jackson's Sexual Assault Allegations

The King of Pop. Cultural Icon. Sexual Predator? Here's a timeline of the sexual assault allegations faced by Michael Jackson.

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How to generate less waste

How can we generate less waste? Here is episode 4 of our series of stories on eco-citizen initiatives with French author Julien Vidal.

Russia: belugas and orcas held captive

They're trapped in icy-cold water and held captive in tiny tanks. To this day, 4 of these sea animals have reportedly died in this "whale jail".

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R. Kelly Denying Sexual Abuse Allegations

R. Kelly is facing 70 years in prison for sexual abuse charges. Here are 4 times he denied the allegations in explosive on-camera interviews. 👀

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Homeland Security Sec. Denies Putting Children In Cages

Children in cages? Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen denies that Border Patrol ever did that. This congressman isn't convinced. 🙄

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WWF: "No Plastic in Nature" guide

By 2030, the amount of plastic accumulated in the ocean could double. But the WWF has a solution aimed at reversing this trend.

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Hip-Hop Ballet Empowers Kids

One teaches, the other dances — both are using an infused ballet/hip-hop movement to inspire kids of all backgrounds to reach for the stars. 🙌🏿

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Teen Warns of Anti-Vaccination Dangers Before Congress

Ethan Lindenberger did the unthinkable — he defied his mother’s wishes and got vaccinated when he turned 18. Now, he’s warning against the dangers of misinformation and ideas that fuel the anti-vaccination movement.

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What is the most painful insect sting in the world?

This man let himself be stung thousands of times to rank the pain of stinging insects. And according to his index, this is the most painful one. 😰🐜

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