Tama River in Japan used to be significantly polluted


In Japan, the "dead river" came back to life.

"I'm madder than hell." - Sen. Elizabeth Warren on SCOTUS' draft opinion


"I'm madder than hell." This was Elizabeth Warren's reaction to the leaked Supreme Court draft opinion that could overturn Roe v. Wade ...

What people with albinism want you to know


Is calling someone albino a slur? Is albinism genetic? Here's what these people with albinism want you to know ...

The battlefields in front of Texas abortion clinics


This abortion clinic is the last one standing on the Texas-Mexico border ... and it is just across the street from an anti-abortion center. @maya.cueva.5 @OnTheDivideMovie #OnTheDivide

60% of wild coffee species are threatened with extinction


Soon, coffee could go extinct too. ☕️

“I had an abortion because ...”


“Because I was assaulted.” “Because I was too young to have a baby.” “Because I wanted to.” They all chose to have an abortion and fight for everyone’s right to do the same. Here’s why ...

Texas valedictorian's surprise graduation speech goes viral


"Under light of recent events, it feels wrong to talk about anything but what's currently affecting me and millions of other women in this state." This high school valedictorian switched her commencement speech at the last moment. This is what she chose to speak about instead…

7 simple questions on the abortion pill


How is the abortion pill different from Plan B? Are there age limits to take it? As the F.D.A. makes it available by mail, here are 7 simple questions about the abortion pill answered by a gynecologist. ANSIRH

How the sidewinder rattlesnake moves around


To move across the loose and burning sand of the desert, the sidewinder rattlesnake uses an impressive technique. It's even studied for potential use in robotics. 🐍

The future, according to Elon Musk


Chips in our brains, humans colonizing Mars, and driverless cars. This is the future according to Elon Musk ...

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