The blackbuck is one of the fastest mammals in the world


This is one of the fastest mammals in the world. Forget the cheetah, meet the blackbuck.

The life of Novak Djokovic


He's the world's number one tennis player. Today, his opposition to vaccination cost him his chance to play at the Australian Open, as he faces deportation. This is the story of Novak Djokovic.

This is what happens to used contact lenses


Soil contamination, water pollution... Contact lenses feed an invisible pollution.

The refugees who shared a hotel with Novak Djokovic


"We don't get that much attention, like Mr. Djokovic gets." They have been detained for nearly a decade, and were in the same Melbourne hotel as tennis star Novak Djokovic. But unlike him, these refugees are not getting any media attention ... Brut spoke to Adnan Choopani about his experience.

The "Havana syndrome" explained


Headaches, dizziness, memory loss, sharp ringing in the ears ... A mysterious illness is plaguing American diplomats around the world — the most recent cases were reported during Kamala Harris' trip to Vietnam. This is the "Havana syndrome" explained.

Are corals resistant to climate change?


In New Caledonia, these scientists are testing the resilience of corals in the context of climate change, with the help of the Aquarium Des Lagons Nouvelle-Calédonie. And they might have found a way to repopulate reefs…

The life of Machine Gun Kelly


When he met Megan Fox, he told her “I am weed.” Now, they are soon to be wed ... From rowdy rapper to rockstar and tabloid fixture, this is the story of Machine Gun Kelly.

China: Yellow Dragon Valley's exceptional landscape


This hidden treasure takes you past over 2,500 natural pools and stunning waterfalls. Oh, and it's also a UNESCO World Heritage site. 😏 This is the "Yellow Dragon Valley."

Why this climate scientist could relate to "Don't Look Up"


"We're on track to basically civilizational collapse." In the film "Don't Look Up," scientists are repeatedly ignored as they warn the world of an imminent threat to the planet. That's what happens in real life too, according to this climate scientist ...

The tragedy of Emmett Till


He was only 14 when he was brutally lynched in the Jim Crow South. His mother chose to hold an open casket funeral to expose the horror of his murder. This is the story of Emmett Till, a lasting symbol in the fight for racial justice.

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