Bioluminescence can be found in many places across the world


Beaches that glow in the dark, rocks that light up on summer nights... This phenomenon has a name: bioluminescence.

Woman truck driver shares what it's like on social media


"We got kids. We can be a girly girl. We can still be a woman and be a truck driver." This woman truck driver has become a social media sensation. She's using the internet to bust stereotypes about the profession.

The 70 year old pole dancing champion


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How women around the world go home at night


This is what going home at night is like for women across the globe.

What is lightning?


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The life of Chrissy Teigen


“More than anything it was very frustrating to see that I had upset women, because I love women and it was hard.” She’s never been shy about living her life on social media and speaking her mind on Twitter. She's a model, a mother, and the muse of John Legend. This is the life of Chrissy Teigen.

Gender reveal parties gone wrong


Is it a boy? Is it a girl? Nope, it's just another gender reveal fail. From causing injuries to wildfires, here are some gender reveals gone very, very wrong...

The aye aye is on the brink of extinction


It's the world's largest nocturnal animal. And some say it's a bad omen. Meet the aye aye. 😳

The life of Céline Dion


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K-pop trainee calls out the industry for its toxic culture


"They're like, 'We don't want muscles. We just want you to lose weight and look skinny.'" She was on her way to becoming a K-pop idol. Now, she's calling out the industry for its toxic culture.