The roof of the world is melting


2 billion people depend on it. But according to this international study, the Himalayan range is threatening to "collapse".

'Fat Bear Week' celebrates the best of the bears


People can't get enough of Fat Bear Week, a week in the fall when bears get extra chunky before hibernation, and humans get to vote for their favorite... This is Fat Bear Week, explained.

The world's greatest stuntwoman


She was chosen to be Scarlett Johansson's stunt double after a video of her riding went viral. Today, she was dubbed the world's greatest stuntwoman. Sarah Lezito takes Brut along for the ride.

The false killer whale, a little-known cetacean


Some mistake them for killer whales, or maybe even dolphins, but it isn't either. Meet the false killer whale.

Takeaways from a Facebook whistleblower's testimony to Congress


“More division, more harm, more lies, more threats and more combat." Here are some takeaways from Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen's testimony in the Senate ...

Instagram vs. Reality: Influencer empowers her followers


This influencer is showing her followers that you don't need the perfect body, pose, or angle to both look and feel beautiful.

Formerly blind woman on the different experiences of being blind


After being blind for 36 years, this woman regained her sight. This is how she describes seeing the world for the first time.

Is the European hedgehog threatened with extinction?


This little mammal protects our gardens from pests. And it may be one of the most common animals in Europe, it too is endangered.

The story of Bubba Wallace


He just made history as the first Black driver to win a NASCAR cup race in decades. In a sport thats dominated by white men, he's been standing up against racism and inequality. This is the story of Bubba Wallace

Steve Jobs' famous Stanford commencement speech


"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life." In one of the most-watched commencement speeches of all time, Steve Jobs got candid about what his first cancer diagnosis taught him.

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