Navajo Code Talker Praises Diversity

The Navajo Code Talkers developed an unbreakable code used in WWII. Now, one of the few surviving Code Talkers delivers a powerful message on diversity in America.

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What it's like to be quarantined for the coronavirus

Meanwhile... passengers of a cruise ship where 218 people became infected with coronavirus have spent over a week quarantined off Japan's coast. They spoke to Brut. about what their day-to-day has been like.

The reinvention of breakfast

The story of how bacon and eggs became the all-American breakfast is a little more complicated than you’d think... 🥓🍳

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The life of SonicFox

Black, queer, and a legend of fight gaming. This is the story of SonicFox.

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Giant's Causeway, a famous landscape steeped in mythology

A legend says that giants used these steps to cross the sea to Scotland. This dramatic setting is Northern Ireland's famous Giant's Causeway.

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This gecko with huge eyes lives in the Namib Desert

This little gecko has translucent skin to camouflage, webbed feet to run on sand, and massively oversized eyes. 👀 Meet the Pachydactylus rangei.

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Mom Jailed For Fraud To Get Kids Into Better School

This mom lied about her address to get her kids into a better high school school — and was jailed. She believes there's a different standard for wealthy parents, like those involved in the college bribery scandal, and everyone else.

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The world's worst epidemic

While the world focuses on the coronavirus outbreak, dozens of children are dying every day in the Democratic Republic of Congo from the world's worst epidemic: measles.

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ISIS prisoners in Syria

Thousands of suspected jihadists have been detained by Kurdish forces in Syria since the fall of ISIS. Brut. gained rare access into the prisons where ISIS fighters are held — this is what they told us.

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The stop and frisk policy, explained

Michael Bloomberg's role in expanding stop-and-frisk when he was New York’s mayor is under fresh scrutiny. We spoke with Darius Charney, an attorney who sued NYC over the racist policy.

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