How Globalization is Changing Kids' Diets

"It's almost as if their parents were shopping in the same global superstore." This photographer captured what kids' lunches look like around the world. 🥪😋

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This is one of the most popular parks in Brussels

Two good reasons to be talking about Brussels (among other things): 1) That's where the start of this year's Tour de France is being held. 2) But, especially, it's where Bois de la Cambre is located, a haven of greenery in the heart of Brussels.

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Veteran Fixes Cars at No Charge

Can’t afford auto repairs? Not a problem — this Army vet fixes them up at no charge. 😁🔧

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Austria's Parliament has voted to totally ban glyphosate

Austria has just become the first European country to totally ban glyphosate.

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5 of President Trump’s Worst Gaffes

About 10 seconds of Googling is all the president would have needed to avoid these embarrassing gaffes — including where his father was born.

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Running for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

Her aunt was one of many indigenous women who have gone missing or been found murdered. Now, Rosalie Fish is running track to raise awareness about the epidemic.

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China: These humans are doing the work of bees

Pollinating plants by hand. That's the method used in China's Sichuan province because of the decline of bee populations.

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The training of police dogs

Narco will one day join a police unit, but before becoming a police dog he must undergo very rigorous training to learn defense and intervention. Brut Nature attended one of these training sessions at the Cannes-Écluse Dog Training Center in France. Here is how it goes.

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P.E. Program Brings Diversity to Surfing

The City Surf Project is breaking surfer stereotypes and helping teenagers gain confidence. 🏄✌️

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How Border Crossing Became a Crime

This is the history of Section 1325 — the federal law used to justify family separations at the border.

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