Coffee Shop Run By Adults with Special Needs

A college student started a coffee shop to help people with intellectual disabilities develop professional skills. Brut visited the cafe in North Carolina to speak with the founder and staffers of 321 Coffee. ☕

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How do frigatebirds find their mates?

This red pouch filled with air may look strange, but it's actually a key element of frigatebirds' courtship ritual.

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Animals That Won’t Last the Century

According to the United Nations, one million species are at risk of extinction due to climate change and human activity. Here are 4 animals out of the 1 million species we might lose by 2050.

Brunei Backtracks on Death Penalty for Gay Sex

Brunei has backtracked on enforcing laws that would have made gay sex punishable by death. However, being gay in Brunei can still land you behind bars.

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TV Anchor Shatters Stereotypes

By dressing how she wants on-air, journalist Jana Shortal is redefining what it means to look like a TV anchor. 👔She spoke with Brut about LGBTQ representation and living authentically.

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Wyatt Cenac on Education In America

The American education system is no laughing matter to comedian Wyatt Cenac. From teen suicide to the school-to-prison pipeline, these are the issues he is tackling on the second season of Wyatt Cenac's Problem Areas on HBO.

The big 5 mass extinctions on Earth

Species disappearing all over the planet, wave of volcanic eruptions, tsunamis... Here are the 5 previous extinctions that the Earth has experienced.

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Columbia Student Speaks Out About Racism

This is the moment a Columbia University student was pinned down by a public safety officer after he refused to show his I.D. 🤔He sat down with Brut to talk about the viral video and racism on college campuses.

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In the business world, each country has its own customs

From rules about singing karaoke, to picking up the tab after a dinner meeting — each country has its own unique business traditions. Here are the different rituals around the world. 🌎 With Pullman Hotels & Resorts

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What People Get Wrong About Cinco de Mayo

For non-Mexicans, Cinco de Mayo should just be May 5. A Chicano activist spoke to Brut about how corporations appropriate the holiday to sell booze.

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