Gay Conversion Therapy Around the U.S.

Colorado is the 17th and latest U.S. state to ban gay conversion therapy. But the debunked practice is still used in many states across the country.

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Animals Accused of Spying

James Bond has nothing on these animals. 👀 Meet a beluga whale and 3 other mammals accused of spying. 😲🕶️

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This anteater lives in the forests of South America

It may be unable to run, but this peculiar animal is sheer terror for the ants of South America.

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Bear Grylls: A Life

Bear Grylls didn't let a parachuting accident stop him from seeking his next adrenaline rush. This is the life of the famed adventurer. 🐻

Meet J.R.R. Tolkien

His legendary books continue to be adapted for the screen and state — but his life story is almost as incredible. This is the unexpected journey of the real lord of the rings, J.R.R. Tolkien.

Street Art Brings Awareness to Child Trafficking Crisis

Every year, millions of children are victims of child trafficking. Street Art for Mankind wants you to know their stories.

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Barber Shops Offering Blood Pressure Checks

Black men have the highest risk of developing high blood pressure in America. That's why this black-owned barber shop is offering blood pressure checks to help prevent heart attacks and strokes.

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How to limit your impact on biodiversity

Spending time in nature, avoiding plastic, planting seeds to provide food for insects... Here's how we can limit our impact on biodiversity. Episode 7 of our series of stories on eco-citizen initiatives with French author Julien Vidal.

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3 wonders to see in Vietnam

An animal that smells like popcorn, a cave so big that it has its own clouds... Here are 3 wonders you can see in Vietnam.

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This former trainer exposes the dark side of orca shows

"This is not a killer whale, this is a killer whale that is dying right in front of your eyes" He used to be a trainer at SeaWorld in California. Now, John Hargrove is leading campaigns with One Voice against theme parks exhibiting captive killer whales. This is what he has to say about them.

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