How ovenbirds build their nests


Room designed to shelter eggs, solid walls, heating function… When it comes to building a nest, this little architect leaves nothing to chance.

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Proven innocent: Franky Carrillo's story


Franky Carrillo spent 20 years in prison for a murder he didn't commit. This is how he was exonerated. The Netflix documentary series "The Innocence Files" explores wrongful convictions, and how they were overturned thanks to the Innocence Project.

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Brocéliande: King Arthur's legendary forest


Is the Brocéliande forest real? This place in Britanny, France, is surely keeping the legend alive today. 🧚🏼‍♀️

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TBT: Sen. Moseley Braun on the Confederate flag


"To suggest as a matter of revisionist history that this flag is not about slavery flies in the face of history." Throwback to when the first black woman senator, Carol Moseley Braun, took to the Senate floor to explain what symbols of the Confederacy represent.

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Single-use masks and gloves are generating new plastic pollution


Meanwhile, everywhere across the world, masks and gloves are being dumped on streets, parks and sidewalks…

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Autumn Peltier: The Water Warrior


Since age 8, she's been advocating for access to clean drinking water in Canada's Indigenous communities. Now she's leading this fight on the international stage. Meet 'water warrior' Autumn Peltier.

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Timeline: Biden's stance on the police


1993: "The more cops on there are on the street, the less likely you are to be victimized." 2020: "We need real police reform, to hold cops to a higher standard." Joe Biden and law enforcement: a timeline.

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Japan's mysterious glowing squid


Beaches glowing in the dark… These scenes occur every year off the coast of Japan. Here's the tiny creature behind this fascinating phenomenon. ✨👀

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The artificial insemination of rabbits in a French farm


What is the link between the rabbits we eat and horses in South America? A hormone and farming conditions that are both equally controversial... New footage by the association L214 Ethique et Animaux

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Advocating for essential workers after a loss to COVID-19


"Why are we calling essential workers essential when we are not doing anything to protect them?" After Vy Mai lost her grandfather to COVID-19, she started advocating for safer working conditions in meat processing plants.

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