Breaking the Silence Surrounding FGM

"I don't want to be the victim, but the voice." Ifrah Ahmed survived female genital mutilation — now, she’s dedicating her life to fighting back against the practice.

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Greatest Sports Comebacks by Moms

Former world number one @[138074560049] is returning to tennis — again — after stepping away from the sport to embrace motherhood. Here are other women athletes who dominated in their sport after having kids. 🎾⚽

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Tanning vs. Skin Whitening

Tanning is wildly popular in many Western countries. But in some Asian and African countries, fair skin is a sign of wealth. But both can be dangerous — and even deadly.

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NYFW — Now More Inclusive Than Ever

New York Fashion Week still has a long way to go — but 2019 had some of its most inclusive and diverse shows yet.

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Why house cats with white fur are often deaf

White fur? Blue eyes? Your cat is probably deaf.

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NFL's First One-Handed Football Star

His left hand was amputated at the age of 4. Now, Shaquem Griffin is making NFL history. 🏈

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What Immigration Policy Looked Like Under Obama

During Thursday's Democratic debate, Joe Biden was asked to answer for Obama-era immigration policies. His answer wasn't entirely true. Here’s a look at what conditions looked like when both candidates were in office.

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The Life of Rosalía

From Bad Bunny to Billie Eilish, top artists want to work with her. This is why everyone’s talking about Rosalía.

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The History of Vaping

E-cigarettes hit the U.S. market over a decade ago, but there's a reason why the vaping revolution has picked up steam over the past few years. 🌬️

Chasing Tornadoes 🌪️😲

He doesn't just watch tornadoes — he chases them. 🌪️😲

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