Iranian Woman Sets Self on Fire After Stadium Arrest

After potentially facing prison after attending a soccer match disguised as a man, Sahar Khodayari died by suicide after setting herself on fire. FIFA is now under pressure over women being banned from sports events in Iran.

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Meet the Skateboarder Who Happens to be Blind

When Dan Macina lost his sight, he had to relearn everything — including skateboarding. Now, he's fighting to change perceptions of disabilities and proving you don't need sight to skate

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The Massive Scope of Hurricane Dorian’s Damage

"When we went back where we were living, we saw dead bodies all around." This is the dire situation on the ground two weeks after Hurricane Dorian devastated the Bahamas.

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Body-confidence coach embraces her scars

This body-confidence coach has scars all over her body — but she's not about to let them define her. 🙌

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Bioluminescence can be found in many places across the world

Beaches that glow in the dark, rocks that light up on summer nights... This phenomenon has a name: bioluminescence.

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Blind Employees Make Mattresses Using Only Touch

Using their sense of touch, these blind men and women make mattresses and bedding through a cooperative that provides jobs to the visually impaired.

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4 Successful “Wokewashed” TV Shows and Movies

Whitewashing is when white actors are cast as non-white characters, and it’s been an issue in Hollywood for decades. Now, studios are seeing box office success by doing the opposite — known as "wokewashing."

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Rescued chimpanzees in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

After months in captivity, these 3 chimpanzees have been released to a large open-air sanctuary.

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Joe Biden's Many, Many, Many Gaffes

Former Vice President Joe Biden mixed up his words a few times during Thursday night's debate. 😬 The 2020 frontrunner has been known for his frequent gaffes for decades.

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Dangers of E-cigarettes

E-cigs are more than a fad, but some young people are unaware of the addiction they're signing up for. These users are sounding the alarm.

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