This low-tech initiative brings light to remote areas

This remote village in the Philippines has no electricity, and yet it has managed to get light. This is how. 💡 With Low-tech Lab - Nomade des Mers

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The Life of Keanu Reeves

He's so iconic, everyone knows him by his first name. He's Keanu Reeves — and this is his journey from tragedy to triumph. 🕶️

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Meet the NFL's First Woman Coach

She’s the first woman to ever coach in the NFL. Now, Dr. Jen Welter is looking to change the way both boys and girls think about gender in sports. 🏈

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The Life of Monica Lewinsky

At 22, she was a national scandal. Now, she uses her experience to advocate against bullying. This is the story of Monica Lewinsky.

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The artificial insemination of rabbits in a French farm

What is the link between the rabbits we eat and horses in South America? A hormone and farming conditions that are both equally controversial... New footage by the association L214 Ethique et Animaux

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How Trump’s Trade War Costs Farmers

"It is a punch in the gut." President Trump's trade war with China is heating up — and farmers are paying the price.

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This Mosquito Catcher Is A Lifesaver

He invented an eco-friendly contraption that will save you from mosquitoes.

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Eric Garner's mom fights for police accountability

"I can't breathe!" Her son's tragic death was nationwide news four years ago — and she's making sure that the demand for justice against police brutality is never silenced.

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These volunteers are cleaning Acapulco's seabed

They have one mission: Tackling the pollution surrounding beaches. Meet the "Voluntary Ecology Divers" of Acapulco, Mexico.

What’s Special About Greenland

President Trump reportedly wants to buy Greenland. But what’s so special about the territory?

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