How Driver’s Licenses Can Help Undocumented Immigrants

Should an undocumented immigrant be able to obtain a driver's license? One state just passed legislation that gives them that right. Brut spoke to the bill's sponsor about how this move will help families. 🚗

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This French initiative is reviving the deposit container system

Reusable glass containers to reduce trash created by take-out orders. That's the service provided by this French initiative. And several restaurants have already adopted their system. This is how it works.

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4 Times We’ve Gotten Close to Nuclear War

We're closer to nuclear war now than we've been since World War II, according to the U.N. arms research chief. But this isn't the first time we've come close to mass destruction.

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Why these cows have holes drilled into their sides

They are called "cannulated cows": They have holes cut into their stomachs for research purposes. French nonprofit L214 Ethique et Animaux is raising awareness about this controversial technique.

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This Bionic Pop Artist Is Shaking Up The Cabaret Scene

"I really look at prosthetics in a very similar way of how I use everything around me — to sort of express myself." VIKTORIA MODESTA spoke to Brut about shaking up cabaret beauty standards and how her prosthetic leg makes her feel empowered. ✨

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Austria's magical Green Lake disappears in winter

As the temperature rises, this park transforms into a beautiful emerald green lake, and slowly goes up, covering trees, benches and paths. This is the underwater world of Green Lake in Austria.

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Rent the Runway Co-founder on Building a Billion-Dollar Company

When the Rent The Runway co-founders were looking for investors, one venture capitalist told them their idea was "cute." 🙄 Now, their company is valued at $1 billion and they want to see more investment in women entrepreneurs. Learn more at:

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How the sidewinder rattlesnake moves around

To move across the loose and burning sand of the desert, the sidewinder rattlesnake uses an impressive technique. It's even studied for potential use in robotics. 🐍

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