The story of Gerhana, a little orangutan orphan

This baby orangutan was only a few months old when his mother got killed. While he was going through hell, little Gerhana was rescued. He is now building up his strength in a rehabilitation center alongside 7 other orphans.

Extinction Rebellion Protests Shut Down Times Square

Climate activists Extinction Rebellion rallied outside of FOX News on Thursday – but it was a diversion. Watch what happened at their real target.

Abiy Ahmed Wins Nobel Peace Prize

The 2019 Nobel Peace Prize winner is Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. This is how he rose to lead his nation and quickly foster peace with Eritrea, ending 20 years of conflict.

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Blankets Of Hope For The Homeless

This is no ordinary charity. It provides the homeless with warmth, support, sincerity, and plenty of kindness — all wrapped in a blanket.

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Trump Projects His Accusations

I know you are but what am I. Ever notice how President Trump tends to project criticisms from his opponents right back onto them?

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Brazil: tarballs have been piling up on over 100 beaches

Meanwhile in Brazil... A mysterious oil spill has spread to more than 130 beaches.

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3 Times Montgomery, Alabama Propelled the Civil Rights Movement

From its historic bus boycotts in the 1950s to its first black mayor elected this week, this is why Montgomery, Alabama is so important to American history.

East Coast vs. West Coast Clichés

Is everyone in L.A. an influencer? Are New Yorkers really that rude? Here's what people on the East Coast and West Coast really think of each other.

#TBT: The Tobacco Industry is Grilled Before Congress

In 1994, seven big tobacco CEOs testified before Congress, claiming nicotine isn’t addictive — all under oath...

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C40: 94 cities are calling for the implementation of a Green New Deal

"Cities are leading the way where national governments have failed" In the face of governments’ inaction to fight climate change, 94 of the world’s biggest cities have just voiced support for a global plan: the Green New Deal, announced yesterday at the @C40Cities in Copenhagen.