Why the U.S. has so many big cats in captivity


"If you live in Texas, you might find out that your neighbor owns a tiger." These species are protected all over the world. But in the U.S., big cats are a business like any other. Brut nature investigated.

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Rob Greenfield and the art of simple living


Could you live without deodorant, a bank account, or a cellphone? Rob Greenfield talks to Brut about the 5 things he's learned to live without.

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The life of Pop Smoke


He was the face of the Brooklyn drill scene before being killed at just 20 years old. Five months after his death, his debut album has just been released. This is the story of Pop Smoke.

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What to do about wasp, bee, hornet and bumblebee stings


Their stinger can cause painful reactions. Here's what to do if you get stung by a wasp, a bee, a hornet or a bumblebee. 🐝

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The false killer whale, a little-known cetacean


Some mistake them for killer whales, or maybe even dolphins, but it isn't either. Meet the false killer whale.

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TikTok trend embraces culture through clothing


Wearing your culture with pride. This TikToker turned the #hotseatchallenge into a way to show your heritage to the world.

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The life of Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim


She's been fighting for the planet and the rights of indigenous peoples for more than 20 years, traveling to villages in Chad, her home country, and bringing her battles to the international stage. This is the life story of Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim

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How to cool down without A/C


How to stay cool (and eco-friendly) without A/C 🌡️

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Somewhere in California lives the world's oldest tree


It's over 4,800 years old, and its exact location is kept secret. Meet Methuselah, the world's oldest tree. 🌳

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General Sherman: the largest living organism in the world


It's the largest living organism on Earth. Meet General Sherman, California's giant sequoia.

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