“I had an abortion because ...”


“Because I was assaulted.” “Because I was too young to have a baby.” “Because I wanted to.” They all chose to have an abortion and fight for everyone’s right to do the same. Here’s why ...

Welcome to #Vanlife Tikok


They dropped everything to hit the open road and joined the growing #vanlife trend. But behind the images of picturesque landscapes and tiny homes, here's what life is really like ...

Fired Netflix employee speaks to Brut about Dave Chappelle controversy


"[It's] going to be embarrassing that Netflix released this thing." As Dave Chapelle's special, "The Closer," is criticized for transphobia, Netflix fired trans employee B. Pagels-Minor. They spoke to Brut about what happened...

The life of JoJo Siwa


She says she’s “the happiest human alive.” She’s been dancing since she was 5, and made TV history as part of “Dancing with the Stars" first same-sex pair. This is the story of JoJo Siwa.

The story of the Aral Sea’s disappearance


It once was the world’s fourth-largest lake, but it disappeared before our eyes. This is the tragic story of the Aral Sea.

How to make a healthy shiitake mushroom burger with chef May Chow


Watch celebrity May Chow make a sustainable burger recipe swapping meat for mushrooms. All week, Brut and EAT are sharing healthy and sustainable recipes from around the world in the lead up to #WorldFoodDay. This video has been produced in partnership with a brand

Gymnasts explain the “twisties,” after Simone Biles recovers from a case


Simone Biles admitted to having a case of the "twisties," which caused her to withdraw from the team finals at the Olympics. Fellow gymnasts explain this mysterious phenomenon …

The case for paternity leave


Like maternity leave, it isn’t federally mandated in the U.S. Here’s why advocates say fathers should be entitled to paid parental leave too ...

How to make eco-friendly deodorant


DIY: How to make your own eco-friendly deodorant. ♻️🙆 It's easy, cheap and effective!

TikTok dad calls out sexualization of girls


This dad's response to the sexualization of girls is going viral. As many continue to question why kids clothes need two separate sections.

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