She sings public service announcements on TikTok: Brut met Heb On The Web


“The pandemic isn’t over just because you’re over it.” Her catchy public service announcements made her an overnight hit on TikTok. Brut spent a day with Heb On The Web as she recorded new music

These people joined the "fertile disobedience" movement to protect nature


Building societies that respect living things instead of destroying them. That's the idea behind the "fertile disobedience" movement. And it's the life that Jonathan and Caroline have chosen to raise their children. 🌿 Brut Nature visited their cabin.

Meet Chief Ninawa Huni Kui, who is fighting to save the Amazon forest


"We're not just fighting for our families. We're also fighting for you. We need your support." Despite receiving death threats, he continues to fight for the Amazon forest. Brut met with Chief Ninawa Huni Kui, spokesperson for one of the largest groups of Indigenous people in Brazil.

Paulie’s Push: One man’s journey to honor airline workers killed on 9/11


“Nobody’s ever called them a hero.” Former flight attendant Paulie Veneto lost his coworkers on 9/11. Now, to honor their memory, he’s pushing a beverage cart all the way to Ground Zero ... Paulie's Push

This teen shared her breast reduction with social media


"I don't need approval from anyone." This teenager was trolled after her breast reduction surgery. Here's why she felt it was important to share her story ...

Bodycam footage shows Black paraplegic man violently manhandled by Ohio police


"I'm a paraplegic, sir." He said he couldn't exit his car. The police dragged him out pulling his hair. Clifford Owensby, a Black paraplegic man, has now filed a complaint against the police department of Dayton, Ohio ...

This is one of the most invasive aquatic plants in the world


This extremely invasive plant is a major environmental concern in many countries. But this firm is actually trying to put its properties to good use...

How to cook a healthy and sustainable stew with chef Ali Mandhry


Chef Ali Mandhry used to cook in luxury hotels, now he's a zero-waste chef. Here's how he makes a healthy chicken stew at home... All week, Brut and EAT are sharing healthy and sustainable recipes from around the world in the lead up to #WorldFoodDay. This video has been produced in partnership with a brand

Inside the stunning world of flow arts


These mesmerizing tricks blend ancient and modern movement-based disciplines in the rave scene, and beyond. Welcome to the world of flow arts ...

If there were only 100 animals on Earth...


Here is what the Earth would look like if there were only 100 animals living on it.

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