The life of Jared Kushner


He's a real estate developer who's been tasked with achieving peace in the Middle East, reforming the U.S. criminal justice system.... and solving the coronavirus crisis. This is the life of presidential son-in-law, and senior advisor, Jared Kushner.

She lost her mother and grandfather to COVID


"Then I'll look for you in heaven..." First her grandfather died of COVID, then her mother. Lindsay Wootton shares her harrowing story...

The largest tapir in the world


This solitary animal only spends time with fellow members of his species for food and reproduction. 😏 Meet the Malayan tapir.

In some countries, the captive marine mammal industry continues to grow


While several countries have passed laws to ban keeping orcas in captivity, many aquarium parks still offer shows with cetaceans. And in China, the market is currently booming…

Sarcastic awards for men


These satirical drawings praise men for doing the bare minimum. 👏

When did body hair become seen as "unfeminine"?


It grows naturally on women's legs, underarms and labia... and yet women who refuse to remove their body hair are stigmatized, and even attacked. How did we get here?

Minkgate: Denmark kills 17 million mink to stop COVID mutation


Meanwhile in Denmark, 17 million mink were killed to stop a COVID mutation ... this is the "minkgate" scandal.

An NGO in New Caledonia is rescuing sea turtles


Each morning, these volunteers patrol this beach in New Caledonia. Their mission: protecting baby turtles. Brut nature followed them.

The life of Chadwick Boseman


He inspired generations to dare to dream, showing them that the sky isn't the limit – even for superheroes. This is the story of Chadwick Boseman.

A flying squirrel trafficking ring shut down in Florida


Thousands of flying squirrels sent to Asia and sold as pets. That’s the million-dollar trafficking ring that was shut down in Florida.

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