Niksen: the Dutch Art of Doing Nothing


Doing nothing isn't lazy — it's an art, according to this Dutch concept.

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Mimosa pudica has amazing abilities


Leaves that close whenever we touch them and as soon as the night falls. This is the complex and amazing defense mechanism of the sensitive plant. 🌿

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5 tips to survive quarantine with your partner


Self-isolating is hard. Quarantining with someone else can cause unique stress. Here are give tips on surviving it with your partner.

The eco-friendly Bec-Hellouin farm is a model in France


These french farmers are trying to reinvent agriculture. Follow Brut nature in Normandy, on a tour of Bec-Hellouin, one of the most eco-friendly experimental farms in Europe.

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Chicken broth recipe, a lockdown special


Got some leftovers in the fridge? Turn them into a delicious homemade chicken broth. 🍲 A new sustainable recipe brought to you by Écotable.

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Mata Atlântica, Brazil's other endangered forest


This tropical forest used to cover the cities of Rio de Janerio and São Paulo. But today, more than 90% of it has vanished. This is Mata Atlântica, Brazil's other endangered forest.

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Fingal's Cave has been a source of inspiration for centuries


In Scotland's Inner Hebrides, lies a unique rock formation. Hundreds of geometric columns that once inspired Jules Verne and the Pink Floyd... Welcome to Fingal's Cave. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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How countries are now fighting against COVID-19


In France, a permission form is required to leave your house. In Singapore, ignoring strict social distancing rules could land you in jail. South Korea is monitoring people through GPS tracking. This is how countries around the world continue to fight the virus.

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Cooking in confinement


Boston chef Meryl MacCormack shares how to use leftovers like chickpeas and wilting herbs in your cooking during lockdown. 👩‍🍳

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The cassowary, the 3rd largest bird in the world


It lays huge green eggs and has evolved directly from dinosaurs. Meet the cassowary.

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