GOP strategist’s daughter leaks secret files

Her father was a longtime political operative, and she just released his secret files to the public. This is why you should care.

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The life of Mac Miller

He was one of the rising stars of hip-hop, but battled depression and drug addiction before his untimely death. This is the story of Mac Miller.

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Japanese minister first to take paternity leave

One of Japan's top ministers is taking paternity leave. This is a first for the country, and a big deal.

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Sanders and Warren's shifting relationship

The Warren-Sanders relationship: how it went from hot to cold.

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TBT: Australia has been devastated by wildfires for decades

Southeastern Australia is being ravaged by wildfires, and it’s been the case for decades. #tbt

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#TBT: The first Gulf War begins

Operation Desert Storm began 29 years ago this week. These images mark a crucial moment in the U.S.’ ongoing conflicts in the Middle East.

The life of Rudy Giuliani

From becoming "America's mayor" after 9/11 to his key role in President Trump's impeachment, this is Rudy Giuliani's notable life and career.

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The history of gendered clothing

Did you know that men and women button their shirts from different sides? Here are three clothing items you wouldn't guess are gendered.

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The fennec fox is the smallest canid in the world

This little animal has huge ears, lives in the desert, and has a dense fur that shields it from the heat. Meet the fennec fox. 😍

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How Miss Universe is empowering women

Zozibini Tunzi, Miss Universe 2019, tells Brut how she's taking a stand against gender-based violence globally.

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