How a DNA test unlocked the answers to one woman's ancestry


"I'm African American, so I'm a product of slavery. I don't know where I come from." Then, Sahara Williams took a DNA test...

Moving to Ghana as a Black American


"Not having to worry about your freedom as a Black person... That is the ultimate goal for me." In 2019, Deijha Gordon uprooted her American life and moved to Ghana. Here's why she did it.

Discover the biggest flower on Earth


The « corpse lily » has no stem, no leaves, no roots. But it’s the biggest flower in the world. And one of the most odorous.

The baobab fruit is slowly reaching Western markets


This fruit comes from the most emblematic tree in Africa. And it's taking off as a superfood in Western markets.

The making and unmasking of the Golden State Killer


By day, he worked as a police officer. By night, he raped and murdered dozens across California. Here's how Joseph James DeAngelo was captured after more than four decades of eluding arrest.

Veterinary bus saves stray animals in Istanbul


These volunteer veterinarians drive through Istabul treating the hundreds of thousands of stray dogs and cats that live on the streets.

5 species to go extinct since 2000


These 5 species have gone extinct since 2000.

The life of Frederick Douglass


He was the first African American nominated for vice president of the United States. He escaped enslavement to become one of America's most prominent abolitionists, an advisor to Lincoln... and a Republican statesman. This is the story of Frederick Douglass.

Sisters seek justice after mother dies of Covid in nursing home


COVID-19, a cover-up, and thousands of preventable deaths in New York. These sisters want justice for the death of their mother.

The training of police dogs


Narco will one day join a police unit, but before becoming a police dog he must undergo very rigorous training to learn defense and intervention. Brut Nature attended one of these training sessions at the Cannes-Écluse Dog Training Center in France. Here is how it goes.

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