The Lives of Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera


Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera will be immortalized in a monument down the street from the Stonewall Inn for their work as transgender activists. Here's what you need to know about them. Special thanks to Making Gay History - The Podcast.

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Dr. Fauci vs. Donald Trump


Dr. Fauci's advice regarding the coronavirus seems to contradict what the president says a lot of the time...

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Rafiki, the gorilla found dead in Uganda


His name was Rafiki. He was a beloved mountain gorilla from Uganda. He was found dead on June 2, 2020, with his abdomen pierced by a sharp object…

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White Coats 4 Black Lives


"Systemic racism is the root cause of health care disparities." With #WhiteCoats4BlackLives, doctors and health care workers around the country amplify the voices of people of color... In partnership with Global Citizen

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Ursa Major, one of the largest constellations in our sky


It's the third largest constellation in the sky — containing hundreds of stars that can be seen with the naked eye in the right conditions. This is Ursa Major. 🌟🌌

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Debate before U.S. House passes police reform bill


"Perhaps my colleague on the other side of the aisle could go to the memorial for lynching in his state of Georgia." Before the George Floyd police reform bill was passed, a tense exchange between lawmakers took place on the House floor...

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Decorator crabs wear their environment on their backs


Some are passionate about decoration. For this crab, finding the perfect style is a matter of survival.

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Inside French lamb farms: L214 reveals controversial footage


⚠️ This video contains disturbing images. Thousands of lambs crammed together and unable to move, some of which have their throats slit while conscious… New footage filmed by L214 Ethique et Animaux, revealing the animal welfare conditions in France.

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Japan's glowing Kochia Hill


This place used to house a bombing range for the U.S. Air Force, before it became one of Japan's most enchanting parks. Bright red bushes, daffodils, multicolored tulips… Kochia Hill changes as the seasons go by. 🌷🌼

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Diego, the giant tortoise finally retires


He fathered at least 800 babies, almost single-handedly saving his species. Diego the giant tortoise has just been released on his native island after 80 years spent in captivity. This is his story.

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