His Dad Wrote a Porno

What do you do when your dad writes a porno? 😳 If you're Jamie Morton, you turn it into a sex-positive podcast sensation and then an HBO comedy special. (Dad not pictured)📷

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The Life of John Grisham

John Grisham wrote two books while working every day as a Mississippi lawyer. Soon, he became one of the best-selling authors of all time.

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Street Artist’s Mural Brings Attention to Child Labor

This mural might look bright and happy, but take a closer look.

Mom Writes Children’s Books to Comfort Foster Kids

Keri Vellis Author and her husband have fostered 19 children. After struggling to find relatable books for her foster kids, she decided to write her own.📚💕

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How Do Hate Crimes Laws Work in America?

In 2019, some states still do not consider sexual orientation or gender identity a motivating factor for a hate crime. The number of reported hate crimes in the U.S. is on the rise — but the punishment varies widely across the country.

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Volunteer Divers Take On Underwater Pollution

These volunteers are fighting ocean pollution — one dive at a time. 🌊

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This is an eco-friendly houseshare near Paris

Everyday, they do their part for the planet by living together, the 14 of them, in an eco-friendly houseshare near Paris. Brut visited the "Blue House".

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Bulgaria: three bear cubs released back into the wild

They were just a few months old when FOUR PAWS International rescued them. Now these three orphan bear cubs have finally returned to the wild.

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Chelsea Manning Freed From Jail

She was freed from jail, but for how long? Here's a look at the journey of Chelsea Manning.

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Jeff Bezos’ Aerospace Company Unveils Lunar Lander

Amazon HQ3: the moon?

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