This entrepreneur's idea is reducing plastic waste


Do all our cleaning products need to be packaged in single-use plastic? This entrepreneur's simple idea is keeping 2 billion plastic bottles out of our oceans and landfills. This video has been produced in partnership with a brand

#TBT: Volcanologist Haroun Tazieff's warning about climate change in 1979


A 2 or 3°C increase in temperatures, polar ice melting... 40 years ago, volcanologist Haroun Tazieff was sounding the alarm. And already met with scepticism... #tbt

The Migrant Kitchen provides jobs for immigrants during the pandemic


This catering company provides jobs to immigrants who lost their livelihoods during the pandemic. Together they make thousands of meals a day for health care workers and people who are food insecure. This is the Migrant Kitchen.

History of the Rainbow Flag


More than a symbol, the rainbow flag has given the LGBTQ community a tool to proclaim its power and humanity. This is its 40-year history. 🏳️‍🌈

6 simple questions about bisexuality


Why are bi people often dismissed as being "confused?" R.J. Aguiar answers the 6 questions he is most commonly asked about identifying as bisexual.

Film pays tribute to COVID frontline workers of New York City


Shot realtime in pandemic-hit New York, a film about an immigrant gravedigger and his daughter premieres in the city it pays tribute to. Brut is partnering with the Tribeca Film Festival bringing you the stories accompanying New Yorkers as their city reopens.

5 Myths about male sexuality debunked


Is a man only turned on if his penis is hard? Nope. This sex and somatic coach is setting the record straight by busting five common myths on male sexuality. Thanks to Kama.

This bird regurgitates a revolting substance onto their predators


Vomiting to keep predators away. That's the disgusting but effective technique that fulmars use as self-defense.

This animal-only bridge is saving lives and wildlife


About a million animals are killed in road accidents every day in the U.S. But this special bridge in Utah is allowing its wildlife to safely cross a 6-lane highway.

Kanye for president?


According to him, he's the voice of this generation, a creative genius, his own favorite rapper. Now, he says he's running for president in 2020. Here's the story of Kanye West.