Extinction Rebellion: Getting Arrested Beats Being Ignored (with Tiffany Ferguson)

Climate action group Extinction Rebellion will not wait for politics to catch up with the climate crisis. For Brut, YouTuber Tiffany Ferguson joined the New York City chapter of Extinction Rebellion for two days of training and direct action. This is the story of the movement and her experience with the group. 🌎✊

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How forests regenerate after a fire

Fires are raging throughout the world, destroying millions of hectares of forests...But what happens after? This is how the ecosystem regenerates after a fire. 🌱

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Iggy Pop Reveals the Meaning of His New Song "We Are the People”

Punk icon Iggy Pop spoke with Brut about the meaning of his new song "We Are the People" and how it’s connected to Lou Reed.

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The Future of Space Flight

From harnessing small atomic blasts to using radiation pressure from the sun, these astounding technologies could send you to space sooner than you might think. 🚀

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Interview: This photographer captured the lives of this island's last residents

"I wanted to show the last moments of these people's lives on the island, to show them waiting for its final hour..." She met with the last inhabitants of the Isle de Jean Charles, a small island in Louisiana which is being washed away. Photographer Sandra Mehl tells Brut Nature what she saw.

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6 Successful Protest Movements

It's not just the recent Hong Kong demonstrators who've found success in direct action. At Stonewall, in Montgomery, in India and elsewhere, protest movements have worked.

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3 Biggest Culprits of Carbon Emissions

These three industries are to blame for 70 percent of carbon pollution.👇

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#TBT: Fashion Week’s Most Controversial Moments

Fashion Week isn't just about models and designer clothes — it's also famous for bold and often misguided social statements like these four. 😬👠

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Americans Consume an Alarming Amount of Sugar

Americans consume the most amount of sugar of anyone in the world — and they may not even know it.

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Meet the Indigenous Leader Defending the Amazon

Born in the Brazilian jungle, the indigenous leader of the Kayapó people has defended the Amazon for over four decades — and he wants world leaders to step up. Meet Chief Raoni Metuktire.

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