The Life of Marianne Williamson

Before Marianne Williamson said she wants to "harness love for political purposes" she was a cabaret singer and an Oprah-approved self-help guru. This is the Democratic candidate's story.

How do dogs smell?

Their sense of smell could be 10,000 to 100,000 times more powerful than ours, allowing them to "see" things that are invisible to humans. Here is how dogs smell... 🐶

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Get to Know Tom Steyer

It's official — billionaire Tom Steyer is running for president after nearly two years of pushing to impeach President Trump.

From Homeless to Singing Opera

From homeless to singing opera — "it's like a fantasy come true."

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What is Misophonia?

Slurp. Tap. Crunch. *Cringe.* Do sounds like these drive you nuts? You may have misophonia — a condition that makes certain noises unbearable.

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The Media vs Black Queer Identity

The "Black Mirror" season five premiere is unique because black, queer male identity is rarely portrayed in media. Malik Little, host of HIM Podcast breaks down why such characters are necessary.

This firefly sanctuary aims to halt deforestation in this Mexican park

These fireflies could help save this Mexican forest from deforestation...

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Jessica Alba on Powerful Women

"[Women] don't necessarily need a man to save us. We will save each other." Jessica Alba spoke to Brut about powerful women and teaming up with Gabrielle Union on the new series "L.A.’s Finest." 🚓

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What Are Albania’s Blood Feuds?

In Albania, tradition states that blood must flow to make amends for a crime. Nearly 1,000 families there may be living in hiding to protect children, the main targets of blood feuds.

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