Meghan Markle on Gender Equality

There may be a royal feminist on the horizon — boy or girl. That's according to Meghan Markle, who spoke candidly about women’s challenges — and her own hopes for her baby. 👑👶🏼

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Illegal gold panning in French Guiana: episode 1

French Guiana: over 10,000 illegal gold prospectors are posing a threat to the environment and indigenous people. Brut Nature followed some members of the Kali'na people along the Surinam border. Episode one of our series of stories on the impact of gold in Guiana.

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200 Dogs Saved From Dog Meat Farm

Nearly 200 dogs and puppies were rescued from a dog meat farm in South Korea. It’s part of an ongoing global effort to eradicate the practice.

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Drag Queen Story Hour

It’s called Drag Queen Story Hour program — a series of creative shows for kids performed by drag performers. Conservatives are now trying to shut it down.

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Iron Chef Amanda Cohen Roots for Vegetables and Fair Wages

She’s an Iron Chef — and a pioneer of the No Tipping Movement in New York City. Now Amanda Cohen is hoping a bold food choice can transform the food industry. Special thanks to Dirt Candy.

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Elizabeth Warren — Future U.S. President?

Elizabeth Warren wanted to be a teacher — instead, she became a crusader for consumer rights and regulation on Wall Street. This is her story.

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The Arctic tern holds the record for the longest migration

4 round trips between the Earth and the moon is what this small sea bird covers over a lifetime. 😯

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The Juan Fernández Islands are protecting their biodiversity

This is where the "real" Robinson Crusoe spent 4 years and 4 months isolated from the rest of the world.

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Growing Hair For Deaf Rights

This is no fashion statement — Rep. Jonathan Brostoff is taking a unorthodox stance to show Wisconsin state legislators just how serious he is about deaf rights.

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Finland's Entire Government Just Resigned

Finland's entire center-right government submitted its resignation after it failed to pass reform on health care and social programs. 😮

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