Orphaned orangutan saved by Four Paws


Crammed into a sack tied to a motorcycle, this baby orangutan was destined to be abandoned. Little Damai is now recovering at the FOUR PAWS International Forest School...

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Frogfish have incredible hunting techniques


6 milliseconds. That’s all a frogfish needs to swallow its victims whole. Here is why this fish is such a master hunter.

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The Nā Pali coast offers breathtaking landscapes


This is where Steven Spielberg shot The Lost World: Jurassic Park. 🦖

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The politics of haircuts


When did haircuts become a political statement?

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Americans living in France explain the French social safety net


These Americans are grateful to be living in France during Covid-19 for one simple reason: Affordable health care.

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These are the different kinds of bees inside a hive


In a beehive, everyone has a role and a part to play. And only one becomes queen. 🐝

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Photographer documents life during quarantine from his window


This photographer is using his time in self-isolation to capture intimate portraits of his neighbors... from his window.

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The Sagano Bamboo Forest, a magical experience in Kyōto


This is a unique experience for your eyes and ears. Walking through a peaceful bamboo forest in the heart of Kyōto. Welcome to the Sagano Bamboo Forest.

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It isn't easy wearing a face mask


How *not* to wear a mask, as shown by politicians around the world.

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The Melibe are sought-after by many underwater photographers


No need to go to space to find weird life forms. These ones can be found in all the world's oceans. Meet the Melibe. 😳

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