The Life of Tony Parker

With four NBA championships — he's the most successful French basketball player in the U.S. ever. This is the story of Tony Parker.🏀

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What Billionaires Would Pay Under Elizabeth Warren's Plan

If Warren is elected president, this is what the country's richest will have to pay .💸

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The Truth About Video Game Addiction

Is Fortnite as "addictive as cocaine?" For this psychologist, the answer isn't as straightforward as it seems.

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6 Student Protests Around the World

From Paris in 1968 to Hong Kong in 2019, student-led protests have made a huge difference in politics.

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How is silk manufactured?

Over 6,000 silkworms have to be killed to get a single kilogram of silk 🐛

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Matcha is packed with health benefits

This green powder kept buddhist monks awake during their long meditation sessions. Today, many people prefer it to coffee. This is matcha. 🍵

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Trump Met With Protests at Veterans Day Parade

"We love the vets and we want to see [Trump] out of this country." This is the message demonstrators had for the president as he spoke in New York on Veterans Day.

The story of Félicette, the first cat that flew to space

This is the first cat that flew to space. And the only one that came back alive. Here is the little-known story of Félicette.

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Veteran Fixes Cars at No Charge: Update

Earlier this year, Brut spoke to an Army veteran who repairs cars for free out of his driveway. Now, he has his own shop. 🚗🔧

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80 % of hotels in the US are faced with bed bugs

"Don't let the bed bugs bite"... But how? 😧

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