5 ways to stick to your resolutions

New Year's resolutions mostly don't make it past February — but here are a few tips that may make them stick.

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Child abuse scandal stuns France

A child abuse scandal is rocking France. For years, renowned author Gabriel Matzneff detailed how he had sex with minors in his books. Now, in a new memoir, one of his victims argues that the media and the publishing industry allowed this to happen.

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Thousands of camels will be killed in Australia

Thousands of camels shot by snipers. That’s the drastic operation carried out by Australia to fight an unexpected consequence of the extreme heat.

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What is Transhumanism?

Living forever, changing your genetic code, becoming one with machines — these concepts aren't just science fiction. With transhumanism, this could be possible sooner than you think. 🤖

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Meanwhile...firefighters in Australia

Australia has the largest number of volunteer firefighters in the world. This is what their days look like right now.

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The U.S. water crisis hot spots

These areas with poor access to clean water reveal who’s taking the hit from the growing water crisis.

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What is the "rally 'round the flag effect?"

In the past, international crises have led to bursts of popular support for U.S. presidents. Here are four examples of the “rally ‘round the flag effect.”

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Sex industry raising funds for Australia

Models have raised nearly $1 million for Australia's wildfire relief — selling nude photos of themselves.

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These birds can mimic many sounds from their environment

[Sound on 🔔] What you're hearing is one of the most complex songs in the animal kingdom.

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Pre-#MeToo movements against sexual violence

Long before #MeToo, these campaigns led by women shed light on the global sexual assault epidemic.

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