Why this rare octopod balloons itself


Five thousand feet deep in the Pacific Ocean, this octopod puts on a stunning show as it inflates its whole body to ward off predators.

Pro-choice activist trolls anti-abortion minister with WAP


This teen pro-choice activist went head-to-head with an anti-choice Evangelical minister outside of an abortion clinic. His "sermon" included warnings of end times... hers, the sexually-liberated lyrics of "WAP" by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion.

Why BBLs can be dangerous


It's said to give women the perfect hourglass figure to make them look like the Kardashians, Cardi B, Nicki Minaj... But this increasingly popular surgical procedure also has one of the highest mortality rates. Here's what you need to know about the Brazilian butt lift or BBL by Dr. Anthony Youn.

Horseshoe Bend, a unique view of the Colorado River


Arizona's arid lands are home to a geologic masterpiece sculpted by the Colorado River. Welcome to Horseshoe Bend.

TBT: When Putin was sworn in


Throwback to when Vladimir Putin was sworn in and pledged “to protect the rights and liberties of the people and the citizenry.”

The life of Brittney Griner


She's a record-breaking basketball player and a queer trailblazer in pro sports. Now, she is detained in Russia on alleged drug charges during a geopolitical crisis... This is the life of Brittney Griner.

This Black neighborhood is fighting highway segregation


Treme (and surrounding neighborhoods) once hosted a thriving Black business corridor... until the Claiborne Expressway tore it and these historic communities apart. Brut met activists trying to rebuild their community. This video has been produced in partnership with a brand

Why some people don't want kids


"There's no natural internal drive to nurture another human for 18 to 25 years." More and more people are deciding not to have kids. Here's why ...

Ursa Major, one of the largest constellations in our sky


It's the third largest constellation in the sky — containing hundreds of stars that can be seen with the naked eye in the right conditions. This is Ursa Major. 🌟🌌

Officers charged in violent arrest of elderly woman


Charges have been filed against 2 Colorado police officers for the violent arrest of an elderly woman with dementia. Last month, this video of the officers laughing at the woman as she sat in a nearby jail cell with a broken bone and dislocated shoulder was released to the public.

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