Arizona councilman says "I can't breathe" protesting face masks


"I can't breathe." An Arizona councilman has had to apologize for mocking George Floyd's last words at an anti-mask rally...

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This is the second-smallest reptile in the world


Finding love is not that easy when you're so tiny. So when this dward chameleon finds a mate, he clings to her so he doesn't lose her. 😍 Meet the Brookesia Minima.

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Duel: Defund vs. Reform the police


Should we defund or reform the police? We asked the same questions to two opposing sides. Duel.

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The Mediterranean Basin is the most affected by rising temperatures


The Mediterranean Basin is one of the most vulnerable regions to the impacts of global warming. Floods, heat waves, biodiversity loss... Here is why the situation is worrying.

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How an Activist Lived Off Food From His Yard


"I want to inspire [people] to question their food and then to change their diets." For a year, environmental activist Rob Greenfield lived off what he grew in his backyard — could you?

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'Into The Wild' bus removed from Alaska wilderness


In 1992, it was inhabited by the young adventurer Christopher McCandless, and years later made famous by a movie. A few days ago, the 'Into the Wild' bus was removed from Alaska...

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The xenophobia behind the health screenings of immigrants in Ellis Island


Medical screenings rooted in xenophobia took place as soon as 1892 for immigrants arriving on Ellis Island... #tbt

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Hvítserkur, a majestic dark monolith in Iceland


It may look like a huge troll, but Hvítserkur is not as sturdy as it seems…

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Mom shares measles story to educate on vaccines


As Covid-19 vaccines are being developed, this mom has an important message for anti-vaxxers. In partnership with @GLBLCTZN

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John Bolton vs. Donald Trump: A timeline


John Bolton just released an explosive tell-all about his 17 months as President Trump's national security advisor. Here's a timeline of their turbulent relationship.

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