Data centers: Three initiatives to reduce their footprint


Data centers have a significant impact on the environment. Reusing heat, using renewable energies and natural cooling… These are 3 initiatives to reduce their footprint.

Army vet on why he protests in Portland


This veteran paratrooper is participating in the "Wall of Vets" on the front lines of Portland protests. Here's why.

5 ways the world isn't designed for women


Discomfort, injury, and even death — gender-bias in design does really affect women.

Donald Trump on the Nobel Peace Prize


Donald Trump has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by a far right Norwegian politician. Here's what he's had to say about the prestigious prize in the past...

Turkey's Göreme National Park


These hot air balloons are flying over unique rock formations shaped by man and nature. Covered in "fairy chimneys", this is the historic Göreme National Park in Cappadocia, Turkey

The tragedy of Emmett Till


He was only 14 when he was brutally lynched in the Jim Crow South. His mother chose to hold an open casket funeral to expose the horror of his murder. This is the story of Emmett Till, a lasting symbol in the fight for racial justice.

Meaning and origins of the extinction symbol


Following the recent actions of Extinction Rebellion, this symbol has been used by thousands of climate activists around the world. Yet, its origins are still shrouded in mystery...

The song behind the Jerusalema dance challenge


"I never thought people would be dancing to my song in the United States of America." His song became a worldwide hit after a viral TikTok dance challenge. South African DJ and musician Master KG tells us the origins of "Jerusalema."

This wasp is a spider killer


Tarantula versus wasp = a battle of titans 😱

Meet a woman who married herself


"I'm married to myself because I think that's where every relationship begins." Here’s why some women are choosing self-marriage.

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