Fluker: a whale at death's door in the Mediterranean sea


She lost her flipper after colliding with a ship, and since then, she's been hugging the Mediterranean coast, unable to feed herself properly. Terribly thin, Fluker the whale is now at the end of her life… Footage by Alexis Rosenfeld Photographe and WWF-France

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3 strange life forms


Some are almost immortal, others almost indestructible, and all of them fascinate scientists. Here are 3 strange life forms. 👀

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Wild animals sold on the Internet in Albania


Foxes, monkeys and wolves sold on the Internet. This is what @fourpaws.org discovered in Albania. And according to the ONG, illegal wildlife trade there is "out of control"...

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Celebs team up to buy women's soccer team


Celebrities, including Serena Williams and Natalie Portman, are teaming up to launch Angel City, the first pro women's soccer team to be owned primarily by women.

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Judd Apatow on the power of comedy


"I don't think most stories can be defined as a drama or a comedy." His latest film, "The King of Staten Island," is inspired by the story of actor Pete Davidson, who lost his firefighter dad on 9/11. Judd Apatow told Brut how comedy and drama sometimes go hand in hand.

New Mexico's striking Carlsbad Cavern


Dive into the depths of the Earth and explore the hidden treasures of the Carlsbad Cavern in New Mexico.

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BLM protester shot and killed in Texas


Garrett Foster was fatally shot while attending a Black Lives Matter protest in Austin, Texas with his fiancée. The couple had been attending demonstrations since the death of George Floyd.

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AOC responds to Rep. Yoho


"Having a daughter does not make a man decent. Treating people with dignity and respect makes a decent man." This was Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's response after being insulted by a Republican colleague outside the Capitol.

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How do rodents store their food?


Having cheek pouches comes in handy when you live in the wild. And when it comes to storing food, rodents do it best. Here's how. 🐹

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Bringing sea otters back to Canada's Pacific coast


Bringing sea otters back to Canada's North Pacific coast was a risky move, but it actually paid off. A look back at this successful reintroduction...

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