When did body hair become seen as "unfeminine"?


It grows naturally on women's legs, underarms and labia... and yet women who refuse to remove their body hair are stigmatized, and even attacked. How did we get here?

Meet Delle the robot dolphin


Delle the dolphin can mimic a human's actions perfectly. But that's not the only extraordinary thing about it ...

The story of Fox News


It's the most watched news network in the country … and one of the most controversial. This is the story of Fox News.

Chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov takes Brut through his CV


He lost a match for the first time ever ... to a computer. From being a chess champion to spending time in jail for his political activism, Garry Kasparov takes Brut through his resume.

Japan's glowing Kochia Hill


This place used to house a bombing range for the U.S. Air Force, before it became one of Japan's most enchanting parks. Bright red bushes, daffodils, multicolored tulips… Kochia Hill changes as the seasons go by. 🌷🌼

The life of Mark Zuckerberg


He founded Facebook out of his college dorm. Today, he's one the most powerful people in the world, but that comes at a price... This is the life of Mark Zuckerberg.

This family is living an eco-friendly lifestyle


They grow their own vegetables, store rainwater, and make their own personal care products. This is how this family is transitioning to an eco-friendly lifestyle. Brut Nature took a tour of their house.

A Black American navigates life in Japan


"Students have a lot of questions about my hair. They always want to touch it." This American teacher works with kindergartners in Japan and uses social media to share his experience navigating life in Japan as a Black American...

The first transgender homecoming queen in her school


She is her high school's first transgender homecoming queen. Here’s the story of her crowning.

The Venezuelan sisters celebrating their heritage with chocolate


They fled the violence in Venezuela and sought refuge in the U.S. And they brought Venezuelan chocolate with them ... Meet the Latina sisters who are growing their chocolate business with the help of Jennifer Lopez and Goldman Sachs. This video has been produced in partnership with a brand

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