What to do if you encounter a bear


The first rule is: never run away... 🐻 Here's what you should do if you encounter a bear.

Woman truck driver shares what it's like on social media


"We got kids. We can be a girly girl. We can still be a woman and be a truck driver." This woman truck driver has become a social media sensation. She's using the internet to bust stereotypes about the profession.

"Good Girls" star Isaiah Stannard on discovering he was trans


This young actor's audition for the NBC show Good Girls was so inspiring that creators rewrote the character as trans for him. Isaiah Stannard tells Brut how he found out he was trans during casting.

TBT: How Spring Break became a cultural institution


Spring Break 2021 is upon us... In March of '86, MTV began its annual coverage of the cultural phenomenon, broadcasting beach parties and concerts live eight hours a day.

The hummingbird hawk-moth and convergent evolution


This moth is acting just like a hummingbird, and that's because of convergent evolution.

Is this color-changing octopus dreaming?


Are octopuses capable of dreaming? This is what scientists have been trying to figure out after witnessing this amazing phenomenon.

4 surprising places where plastic is found


It's everywhere, even in the ocean's deepest depths... 😕 Here are 4 surprising places where plastic is found.

Israel: the Green Passport and the fastest Covid-19 vaccination campaign in the world


Welcome to Israel — where vaccinated residents can go anywhere maskless. All you need is your Green Passport. Here's how it works.

The life of Caitlyn Jenner


She's a trans icon, an Olympic gold medalist... and now she's running for governor of California. This is the story of Caitlyn Jenner.

Meet the smallest bear in the world


A yellow U-shaped patch, the longest tongue of its kind... This is the smallest bear in the world, but also one of the rarest. Meet the Malayan Sun Bear.

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