My first day in America - Episode 4: Jean-Pierre's story

Here's why Jean Pierre feels like every day is Christmas after arriving in the U.S.

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5 good news stories for the planet

5 good news stories for the planet 🙌

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Parkland Dad On a Mission to Destroy the Gun Lobby

The recent suicides in Parkland are putting a spotlight on the trauma of gun violence. Fred Guttenberg, whose daughter Jaime was killed in the school shooting, talks to Brut about survivor's guilt and his fight for gun safety.

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5 foods we will be eating on Mars

The possibility of relocating to Mars might be closer than we think. Here are five foods that will be available on the red planet.

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What is transcendental meditation?

"It is a lifelong gift. It's something that you can call on at any time. I think it's a great thing." — Paul McCartney

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Has Trump learned his lesson?

Sen. Susan Collins said President Trump had learned his lesson after he was impeached — but has he?

U.S. Vs The World On Plastic

The U.S. is a world leader on many issues — regulating plastic consumption isn’t one of them. See how the U.S. stacks up to other nations dealing with plastic pollution.

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5 myths about food

Does an apple a day really keep the doctor away? These are the most common food myths debunked.

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The right way to plant trees

Planting trees is great for the environment — but only if you do it right. Here's how.

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Tech companies sued for child cobalt mining deaths

Your smartphones, laptops, and electric cars are all powered with cobalt — but it's costing kids in Africa their lives. We spoke with a human rights attorney who is suing the big tech companies that allow this to happen.

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