First/Second Generation: Growing Up Taiwanese-American

He was born in NYC — his mom in Taiwan. This is the first and second generation immigrant experience.

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This French shop offers packaging-free products

This French store is the world's first zero-waste drive-through supermarket.

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Dance Away Your Labor Pains

This doctor is helping women dance away their labor pains.

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Who Does Trump Think He Is?

Trump by Trump. This is how Donald Trump pictures Donald Trump.

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Road trip across New Zealand

3 weeks on the road. That's just enough time to explore New Zealand's incredible landscapes. Here is a suggested road trip itinerary. 🇳🇿🚗

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The Life of Tulsi Gabbard

From American Samoa, to Hawaii, to Iraq, and then to Congress — could the White House be next for Tulsi Gabbard? This is her life story.

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Thailand : elephants are mistreated to keep tourists entertained

Chained, starved, beaten… Meanwhile in Thailand, elephants are being mistreated to keep tourists entertained. This is the reality portrayed in the shocking footage shared by the NGO Moving Animals.

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In Romania, illegal logging kills more than just trees

Forest rangers being murdered because they are trying to protect trees. Amazonia is not the only place where this happens… It happens in Europe too.

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Toothbrushes can pollute the environment for over 500 years

It cleans your teeth but contaminates the planet...

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Puli dogs are some of the world's hairiest dog breeds

Meet the Puli, one of the hairiest dog breeds in the world. 🐶

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