Denmark is buying the country's last remaining circus elephants

Over $1 million. That's how much Denmark is spending to buy and retire its last 4 circus elephants.

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Champion Althea Gibson broke the color barrier in tennis

Althea Gibson was the first black person to play at the US Open. Now — nearly 70 years later — the 11-time Grand Slam champion has her own statue in Flushing Meadows. 🎾

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Celebrity Chef Cooks For Hurricane Dorian Victims

Spanish chef José Andrés and his nonprofit World Central Kitchen traveled to the Bahamas to help feed victims of Hurricane Dorian.

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Why the proboscis monkey has a big nose

The bigger the nose, the more attracting they are to females.

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4 Ways You Can Help the Amazon

Feel helpless about the destruction of the Amazon rainforest? Here are a few habit changes that could help make a small difference. 🌳

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What is exactly a pilot whale?

Often mistaken for dolphins, they are pilots whales and they have only one predator: humans.

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5 Surprising Potential Victims of Trump’s Trade War

What do lobster, whiskey, and pandas have in common? Not much — but they could all soon become victims of Trump's trade war with China. 🐼🥃

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The Life of Lana Del Rey

She's the queen of "Summertime Sadness" and her latest album has cemented her as one of pop's most acclaimed artists. This is the life of Lana Del Rey. 🌸

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Activist Ravi Ragbir on the Dehumanization of Immigrants

ICE tried to deport this immigration activist for a nearly two-decade-old conviction — even though he already served time. He told Brut that he thinks the Trump administration is intentionally traumatizing immigrant families.

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If there were only 100 animals on Earth

Here is what the Earth would look like if there were only 100 animals living on it.

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