Why these ballerinas posed in front of Robert E. Lee statue


Two black ballerinas stood on the steps of the monument of Confederate General Robert E. Lee — capturing Virginia's future and past in a powerful photo.

3 incredible diving spots around the world


3 of the most amazing diving spots... 🐠

The Theranos scandal: the rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes


She styled herself as the female Steve Jobs, becoming one of the youngest self-made woman billionaires. Today, she faces up to 20 years in prison for fraud. This is the story of Elizabeth Holmes.

These female animals don't need a male to reproduce


These female animals don't need a male to make a baby.

Woman creates vibrator that challenges an outdated "sex toy" industry


A vibrator designed to please all bodies and genders — and with style. Meet the woman who started Maude, a brand that is challenging the sex industry's long-held conventions ...

Harrison Ford on climate change: "It's not all right."


"It's hard to read the headlines, floods, fires, famines, plagues, and tell your children everything is all right. Damn it, it's not all right." Harrison Ford on the grim realities of climate change and why the younger generation gives him hope ...

The life of Jill Biden


She's set to become the only First Lady with a doctorate, and the first to continue working full time. This is the story of Dr. Jill Biden.

How tarantulas shed their skin


This impressive phenomenon can occur around 15 times during its lifetime. This is how tarantulas shed their skin. 🕷😳

Michael K. Williams, remembered


“What I mostly hope is that youth from my community will get a sense of the legacy that we come from, the greatness and all the obstacles that we’ve overcome to be alive today.” Michael K. Williams (1966 - 2021)

Months after plastic pellets pollute Sri Lankan beaches, cleanup continues


It is one of Sri Lanka's worst environmental disasters. Last May, a sinking ship dumped billions of tiny plastic pellets in the waters surrounding Sri Lanka. Here's how the cleanup is going ...