Navajo Code Talker Praises Diversity

The Navajo Code Talkers developed an unbreakable code used in WWII. Now, one of the few surviving Code Talkers delivers a powerful message on diversity in America.

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Australia: drastic drop in plastic bag consumption

Australia has managed to cut plastic bag use by 80% in just a few months. 🇦🇺 🙌

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The effects of coffee on our body

Is coffee good or bad for us? ☕️

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Politician rips colleagues on gun bill

This state senator fired back in spectacular fashion when the Arkansas State Senate wanted to limit debate on a controversial gun bill. 🔥

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Does U.S. Justice System Favor Rich and Powerful?

Paul Manafort's lenient sentence sparked a conversation about a perceived two-tiered U.S. justice system — one for the wealthy, and another for everyone else. Here's what the facts show.

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NASA Launching First All-Women Spacewalk

Women are still making history this #WomensHistoryMonth — this time in space. 👩‍🚀

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Italy faces olive oil crisis

Italy is about to run out of olive oil. 😯

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Celebs Share Women They Admire

Kelly Clarkson, Danica Patrick, and more stars reveal their heroes for #InternationalWomensDay. Special thanks to CARE.

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Jorge Ramos Detained After Questioning Venezuelan pres

Univision journalist Jorge Ramos went to Venezuela to ask tough questions of President Nicolas Maduro. He explains to Brut why it all went wrong — including being expelled from the country.

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Trump Continues To Flub Names

Tim Cook is now Tim "Apple" — that's according to President Trump, who flubbed the Apple CEO's name during a meeting. Cook joins the ranks of easily-pronounced names, places, and things the commander in chief keeps screwing up. 😂

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