After 17 years, the cicadas have arrived


Red-eyed, nasty-looking, and super loud, they were last sighted in 2004. Now, they are crawling out of the ground in the millions. Are you ready for the cicadas?

Artificial reefs to protect the ocean floor


For years now, people have been dumping concrete blocks and all sorts of man-made structures into the ocean. Their goal? Creating new reefs and encouraging marine life. 🐠

The brushtail possum is an invasive species


It looks harmless but New Zealand has declared war on this little marsupial. Here is the brushtail possum.

Steve Jobs' famous Stanford commencement speech


"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life." In one of the most-watched commencement speeches of all time, Steve Jobs got candid about what his first cancer diagnosis taught him.

The "false solutions" to the climate crisis


This bestselling author is calling out billionaires like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos for their 'false solutions' to the climate crisis.

The story of Anonymous


Anonymous hackers have re-emerged amid the George Floyd protests across the country. Who exactly are they?

She embraces her body hair and wants others to do it too


"I hated being hairy, I didn’t understand why God would create me like this." At 11, she began hiding her body hair. Today, she shows it off.

She’s fighting for the release of her imprisoned mother


"If we don't bring Michelle home, she will die in that prison." Michelle West has spent decades in prison on a drug conspiracy charge. �Now her daughter is calling on President Biden to grant her and 99 other women clemency, with the

How do caddisflies protect themselves?


To protect themselves, caddisflies have developed this original method.

This trans man shared his transition story


"Everybody around me saw me the way that I saw myself." Jordan documented his life transitioning as a trans man and undergoing top surgery. This is his story...