• Branko V.
    04/27/2018 16:31

    Biomass - is a futher extermination of woods on planet Earth. Besides that assumed that forest are not take care as nature velues but as energy of future. Why,why,why? Only because of private interest? Forest as pure plantation ? Why? I'm crying said John (but nobody listen).

  • Letters f.
    04/20/2018 14:59

    Still, fossil fuels are cheaper than bioenergy and without applying carbon taxation, the energy transition is unlikely to happen. We have a story from a future where fossil fuel extraction is taxed and the story is about its impact on a random Sudanese man's everyday life: https://lettersfrom2050.com/Abduraman-Alom

  • Francis A.
    04/16/2018 07:13

    Burning wood releases a lot of carbon. And trees take years to grow afterwards. Hardly an environmentally friendly thing.

  • Marcello D.
    04/15/2018 18:55

    Well it's surely an interesting alternative to carbon fossils but the problem is that in order to produce the same energy today produced by carbon fossils this system requires almost the entire surface of the planet, so it isn't a sustainable system. One of the many problems of the future is the agricolture production that has to due to an increasing amount of population and so it needs more cultivable land. So we don't have to waste soil. And there is also the political problem of land grabbing, because the powerful nations in order to produce energy by biomass buy and seize the poor's lands, like China with african soils, and you can understand the problems that occur.

  • Aaron S.
    04/15/2018 15:16

    This page is amazing gives me a lot of content for my biology and geography exams as well

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