Crumbling infrastructure

How deep is US infrastructure crumbling? The St. Louis sinkhole is just one in a series of infrastructure disasters.

06/30/2017 12:00 AM


  • Molly W.
    07/03/2017 11:46

    in Japan they fixed a sink hole just like this in about 24 hours

  • Esmeralda G.
    07/03/2017 06:27


  • Sheena E.
    07/03/2017 03:26


  • Alec J.
    07/03/2017 02:38

    Lmao don't worry our worlds largest military needs the money more

  • Ashleigh M.
    07/03/2017 02:22

    All of those roads are probably in Louisiana, tbh

  • Dneshia F.
    07/03/2017 01:34

    yo is this foreal

  • Alan K.
    07/03/2017 01:17

    We have plenty of money folks, it's called taxing the rich. Something Trump would never consider. Sanders called for a $1 trillion over 10 years spending plan. But alas, we got Trump and a wall proposal.

  • Heather J.
    07/02/2017 23:42

    I was traveling through MO and just missed that sinkhole! Scary to think that if i wouldve even stopped for gas before going through, that i couldve went down with the sink hole! I pray that whoever it was that was unfortunate enough to get brought down with it is safe.

  • Argenis T.
    07/02/2017 22:14

    America is literally crumbling lol

  • Asia E.
    07/02/2017 21:53

    Max Reiling

  • Monique E.
    07/02/2017 19:34

    If we didn't spend money on people that aren't Americans then we would have the money

  • Timmy C.
    07/02/2017 19:28

    So basically one years "defense" budget would fix nearly everything

  • Brian R.
    07/02/2017 18:45


  • Nathan E.
    07/02/2017 18:32

    they're coming for you

  • Michael D.
    07/02/2017 18:14

    Good thing we have a president now who could care less about infrastructure, and put all that money towards military which we don't need and a wall we don't need. Oh yeah and for cheaper health care for millionaires, that's pretty important...

  • Brandon E.
    07/02/2017 17:37

    Stop not taxing the filthy rich and this might be your saving grace.

  • Jacob W.
    07/02/2017 16:36

    We are farmers buhbuhbuduhduhduhdhum

  • Shane S.
    07/02/2017 15:35

    Someone assassinate him already

  • Bob K.
    07/02/2017 14:56

    So..... you're saying we need to commit more money to our bloated military?

  • Ian W.
    07/02/2017 14:53

    yet we can afford to constantly be in one war or another and to launch 100 million dollars of cruise missiles onto a Syrian airbase to have next to no effect but we can't afford to educate our young people, take care of our sick people or have safe and reliable infrastructure or public transit.

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