• Amira K.
    07/21/2018 13:31

    Incomplete message, which store is selling this soap?

  • Rhonda S.
    07/21/2018 15:17

    I have been making my own for over 2 years.

  • Georgia B.
    07/21/2018 15:33

    Yes!! I've been using shampoo bars for years but never got on with those from Lush. Bought a lemongrass online from New Dawn Organic and you can use it as a body wash and face soap! Less waste, less chemicals, and it smells amazing. Their website is https://www.newdawnorganicskinandhaircare.co.uk/ if anyone wants to check them out :)

  • Pat C.
    07/21/2018 15:58

    Ditch liquid handwash too, and shower gel. Luxury soap is also cost effective, in comparison to even economy brands of the liquid versions.. and nicer to use

  • Jeanne G.
    07/21/2018 16:09

    It takes up less space on your shelves. It is easy to take when traveling (can go in your take-on!) . Solid conditioner is available too.

  • Ric P.
    07/21/2018 18:05

    That's an easy switch. I've been using bar soap for a couple of years.

  • Charles M.
    07/21/2018 23:46

    Been using it too for years, it's called soap.

  • Hannah M.
    07/22/2018 04:59

    Or people can just stop being lazy and recycle their bottles…

  • Céline D.
    07/22/2018 07:38

    I went "no poo" 3 years ago. I use rhassoul powder for my hair and olive oil for my body. My daughter's eczema disappeared too.

  • Brut
    07/23/2018 15:59

    Cutting down your shower time can also help the environment!

  • Areli L.
    07/24/2018 16:12

    let’s get it!!

  • Kailyn P.
    07/25/2018 15:59

    I'm down to try this if you are. Less plastic waste

  • Kaizen
    07/25/2018 17:29

    we need thisss

  • Carabat V.
    07/26/2018 10:49


  • غزال ا.
    07/26/2018 14:21


  • Grace H.
    07/27/2018 14:55

    I have been using shampoo and conditioner bars from Basin and it has helped me personally because I suffer from many allergies and all the chemicals in shampoos make it hard for me to breathe and my skin breaks out in hives where the soap comes into contact. The soap bars from Basin are clean and natural and I’ve never had healthier hair and no allergic reactions!

  • Andy Y.
    07/28/2018 06:06

    huh. Small changes. we should try

  • Jessica C.
    07/28/2018 21:43

    Just make a dandruff shampoo bottles and I’m sold

  • Anastacia C.
    07/29/2018 13:32

    would you try this

  • Smail C.
    08/01/2018 13:33