Pittsburg offended by President Trump

Donald J. Trump said he wants to represent the people of Pittsburgh... But the Mayor of the city strongly disagrees.

06/02/2017 12:35 PM
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  • Tameka A.
    06/02/2017 13:08

    Very well said.

  • Walter N.
    06/02/2017 15:06


  • Gilber H.
    06/02/2017 15:13

    Here come the conservatives to defend their orange agent lol at all cost lol

  • Joey S.
    06/02/2017 15:18

    Proud to be from 412

  • Ronnda C.
    06/02/2017 16:18

    Thank You Pgh ! Go Bill !!!!

  • Annette L.
    06/02/2017 16:28

    Pittsburgh is like hell to the Na Na naaaaaa, you got us fucked up 😂😂😂

  • Mandy C.
    06/02/2017 16:48

    I literally fucking hate u and every single word that comes out of ur dick sucking mouth, u stand for nobody but those who worship u and have a few dollars in their pocket, u stand for nothing because u r nothing.

  • Todd K.
    06/02/2017 16:59

    Dear Trump, if you look at the voting record from the last election you would notice that allegany county voted for Hillary

  • Ana V.
    06/02/2017 17:11


  • Estelle E.
    06/02/2017 17:12

    what I was telling you about 😂

  • Marcelo d.
    06/02/2017 17:53

    Hahaha its going to get more and more fucked up my people

  • Cody V.
    06/02/2017 17:56

    Yay Mayor PEDUTO. Pittsburgh proud!

  • David O.
    06/02/2017 18:01

    Another great example of how little thought this joke of a president puts into his words. Your alliteration does not overshadow the glaring discrepancies in your message

  • Fran J.
    06/02/2017 18:04

    Yo Donnie boy, You were elected to be the President of the United States. If you can't handle the job then resign.

  • Danny M.
    06/02/2017 18:08

    Good, why should America pay to clean up the world. Why the F can't we just move to solar and tidal power??? Most of the money we spend on programs for climate control is wasted anyway!!! Joke of the Day: The US government uses my tax dollars wisely and efficiently!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Derk J.
    06/02/2017 18:12

    Keep up the good work President Trump.

  • Yineth Z.
    06/02/2017 18:19


  • Kay B.
    06/02/2017 18:27

    But Hillary this and Obama that.

  • Rose L.
    06/02/2017 19:02

    To hell with the rest of us. LOL!!

  • Giselle D.
    06/02/2017 19:41

    Get educated. Might help your argument. Haters.