• Christopher C.
    05/25/2017 20:06

    Last time they tried this people got replaced by machines.

  • Christopher C.
    05/25/2017 20:08

    What they do isn't worth 15 an hour. Hate to break their hearts. You want money like that then get out of fast food and get a real,job

  • Derek C.
    05/25/2017 20:16

    If yall would actually work for raises instead of the minimum yall could actually make more then $15 hr.

  • Juan M.
    05/25/2017 20:27

    Get a real job if you want money McDonald's is for students and part timers not to make a living out of it!!

  • Tim O.
    05/25/2017 20:29

    Yikes. I think the editor deserves less than $15 after that grammar mistake.

  • Jacklyn M.
    05/25/2017 20:39


  • Lincoln D.
    05/25/2017 21:02

    Good for them. Because while you all are fighting over the bigger pile of crumbs the .01% are walking away with the whole cake. Maybe you could consider asking for the same as well.

  • Annette S.
    05/25/2017 21:03

    $15 is just too much! I agree with a bit more for most states, but not that much. $9.50 is what those around me make to start and that's reasonable. Ive lived on that before.

  • Steven M.
    05/25/2017 21:12

    How stupid can these fools be ugh just pisses me off

  • Nika S.
    05/25/2017 21:13

    how about get an actual union job 😂😂 McDonald's is meant teenagers and students

  • Jojo F.
    05/25/2017 21:27

    Don't ppl realize they aren't supposed to live off minimum wage? And if they get a pay increase does that mean everyone else Will?

  • Brianne L.
    05/25/2017 21:34

    I dont think the answer should be increasing wages. There needs to be a cap on cost of living. Its ridiculous. We were able to barely scrape by making 1200 a month but barely. Now we make close to double that and still cant afford an apartments plus all the other bills. We no longer qualify to receive welfare but this is some bs. Im not even upset about that. Why has the price for things like milk increased? How is it ok for landlords to implement an annual 3% increase on rent? Doesnt sound like much but shit adds up quick when your barely making it. Emt's should be paid way more than they get. Cops get salary why not the first responders? Armed security guards should be getting more than $14 an hour living in a coastal city.

  • Mark S.
    05/25/2017 21:43

    McDonalds is meant as a starter job. Unless you plan on moving up the chain minimum wage, 9 to 9.75 is very reasonable.

  • Garrett R.
    05/25/2017 21:47

    Hahahahaha it's 2017, replace them with kiosk n robots n force them to actually get an education to further their career possibly as a chef? But 15 to mess my order up almost every single time.....please

  • Sean T.
    05/25/2017 21:59

    People don't realize that once you raise the minimum wage, the price of everything else will go up so you'll be in the same boat you were previously in. Morons.

  • Sebastian Y.
    05/25/2017 21:59


  • Garrett R.
    05/25/2017 22:06

    8 year military vets that come out of war sometimes don't even make close to that yet you " demand " more money? Merica......

  • Camille K.
    05/25/2017 22:11

    But y'all can't even keep the ice cream machines opperational.....🤔

  • Adrian F.
    05/25/2017 22:14

    Wtf 15 dollaras hahaha 😂😂

  • Mykia R.
    05/25/2017 22:21

    Um no. In NYC guess what they have replaced people with machines. So guess what most McDonald's will start looking like?? McDonald's is a starter job not a career. You can be manager in a year just for working there. But that don't mean you need to stay there.