• Rick L.
    03/17/2019 18:38

    Ever been to the Sahara?

  • Gerald K.
    03/09/2019 12:37

    More people wanting more things. If you think it's bad now wait for billions more people . There coming and they want things.

  • Chris S.
    03/01/2019 13:26

    Hemp. Anybody heard of hempcrete?

  • Hammad H.
    02/17/2019 14:55

    Environmental Engineers ki tu mojain lag rai hain

  • Shalla M.
    02/17/2019 08:43

    Use hempcrete instead.

  • Ken G.
    02/11/2019 11:50

    Save Earth chan

  • Steve J.
    02/11/2019 07:54

    I don't think so you want some sand go to Thetford Forest the biggest sand Dune in Europe thank you

  • Brian H.
    02/11/2019 05:36

    Mix in something with desert sand to make it viable then.

  • Florian F.
    02/09/2019 19:18


  • George A.
    02/09/2019 13:12

    The world is running out of patience when you treat us like slaves. Beware, you have been warned.

  • Bill N.
    02/09/2019 02:17

    Wind and water erosion create new sand

  • Nour A.
    02/01/2019 21:14


  • Howard F.
    02/01/2019 06:31

    Another of "The world is coming to an end" scenarios. In the early 70's we were told that oil is running out, now we know that we have more oil and gas then we knew of in the past. If the problem is too many people, then everyone knows how they can personally bring down the population numbers. The world is always coming to an end for one reason or another, nothing to get excited about.

  • Denny B.
    02/01/2019 06:21

    There's plenty of sand in the deserts like The Sahara or The Gobi

  • Charlie H.
    02/01/2019 03:26

    Lol lol LOL. Funniest I've heard in a long time.

  • Jon B.
    02/01/2019 00:31

    when you ask for an alternative to sand and they answer more sand....smh....I understand its recycled sand but every time it is recycled you lose some of the product in the process whether its from the actual process or not 100% is being recycled you are still gonna run out and have to return to the original resource eventually....when I hear of an alternative resource I want to hear something that is actually an alternate and not just the same thing but re-packaged under a "green" label....

  • Liam F.
    01/31/2019 23:31

    . quite disturbing

  • Brett W.
    01/31/2019 22:30

    Pssst https://youtu.be/wAIcx4CN2m0

  • Ken D.
    01/31/2019 19:46

    sand tax.

  • Sergio V.
    01/31/2019 19:22

    Válgame el santo sepulcro, ahora hasta mafias de areneros