This app informs us on the impact of clothing

Knowing the impact of the clothes we buy in just a few clicks. It's now possible with this new app. Its goal? Making fashion more responsible. This is how it works.

How textile companies are impacting the environment

The goal of the Clear Fashion app is to provide information about the practices of textile companies in just a few clicks. Marguerite Dorangeon is the Co-founder of Clear Fashion.

“We realized that there was very little information about clothing. We wanted to bring this information to the consumers and the best solution was a mobile app because it enables consumers to have the information everywhere they are, at home or in the shops.”, Dorangeon tells Brut. By using the app, consumers can see the score on each of the themes: environment, humans, health, and animals.

Each year, in the world, the fashion industry emits 1.2 billion metric tons of greenhouse gases, almost as much as a country like Japan. Depending on their production methods, clothing items may cause water waste, health hazards, animal cruelty, or the pollution of ecosystems.


02/07/2020 11:49 AM


  • Peťo Ď.
    05/13/2020 13:41

    I've literally tried every country in me VPN and it always says that it's not available.

  • Steve H.
    05/13/2020 04:46

    If it is on a screen maybe it is a way to reach people but many US people are clueless....

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  • Nelson L.
    05/13/2020 03:53

    A great idea! I wish it was in Australia and Asia!

  • Heather E.
    05/13/2020 01:17

    Couldn’t find the app either (apple App Store USA)

  • Imran I.
    05/13/2020 00:59

    If it fits I sits....crying over spilt milk is useless...

  • Marie B.
    05/12/2020 20:25

    She said the APP was called Clear Fashion, this could be it:

  • Mi R.
    05/12/2020 19:54

    No app on Google store in Luxemburg

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    05/12/2020 19:53

    Hello! Can't find the app...

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    05/12/2020 19:15

    Got a message that the app is not available in my country?? 🤷🏻‍♀️ but its french and I live in Luxembourg??

  • Viktória K.
    05/12/2020 19:02

    What I found is "Good on you" app Is it it?

  • Janani Q.
    05/12/2020 18:28

    try and find this.

  • Gustavos M.
    05/12/2020 17:49

    Mira! Cómo ves?

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    05/12/2020 17:41

    How to find the app? The title please ? ??

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    05/12/2020 17:29

    Excelent. But I need the app!!

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    05/12/2020 16:24

    I can't find the app

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    04/03/2020 19:15

    what’s the name of the app?

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    02/26/2020 07:36

    What is the name of the app? Ty

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    02/26/2020 02:10

    Wonderful Thank you

  • Neil F.
    02/16/2020 01:48

    Using an iPhone to judge others? Are you serious? Lmfao Grow up