This architect transforms used textiles into bricks

Transforming used textiles into eco-friendly bricks. This is FabBRICK's approach to preventing waste. Brut nature met Clarisse, the architect behind this project. With ChangeNOW Summit

What is FabBRICK?

Every year, in Europe alone, 4 million tons of textiles are thrown out. To prevent used clothing from being wasted, Clarisse Merlet created FabBRICK.

“It's urgent and very important that we find new ways to use recycled clothing… Since I’ve started this project, I’ve made 12,000 bricks. That represents around 5 tons of recycled textiles. Nowadays, these bricks are mostly used for decoration, to make furniture or partition walls. But in the future, I’d like to continue my research and make it into a real construction material.”


01/28/2020 8:09 AM


  • Eli L.
    06/01/2021 19:17

    ¿Cómo ves? Está chido siono. uwu

  • Mirza M.
    04/30/2021 12:15

    Is it fire resistant??

  • Her S.
    04/30/2021 10:37

    This is Better than to file it in a container van and send it somewhere.

  • جواد ج.
    04/30/2021 10:30

    Its not good idea because after using like these febrics in High income countries its shifted to low income countires . The People of LIC using these clothes .

  • Santosh R.
    04/30/2021 10:04


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  • Charlotte B.
    04/30/2021 06:49

    nice nice

  • Ralte J.
    04/29/2021 16:37

    Salute Lady

  • Christian E.
    04/29/2021 13:43

    Gwen Gaudicos niceeee pero dala practicum sa imo hahaha

  • Christian E.
    04/29/2021 13:39

    look oh

  • Shashi G.
    04/29/2021 12:36

    Good job

  • Muhammad N.
    04/29/2021 09:58

    Kitna payara bolti ay ye🌝

  • মোঃ ম.
    04/29/2021 07:43

  • Rana A.
    04/29/2021 05:58

    in Pakistan all the garment factory waste is shrade and voven again into fabric

  • Balbir S.
    04/28/2021 09:13

    I with you working send me your number

  • Øñîzûkå T.
    04/27/2021 18:19

    If the house was made from this material wouldn't it be easier to catch fire easily if a fire broke out ?

  • Mehmood A.
    04/27/2021 09:21

    Well done very nice

  • Kim G.
    04/21/2021 05:44

    If used as insulation in building, how flammable are the bricks? How do they work for construction “codes”?

  • Michael S.
    04/21/2021 05:13

    Fabulous thinking 🤔

  • Yolanda M.
    04/21/2021 03:30

    Pretty Awesome!