Tillerson's Exxon Affairs

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Rex Tillerson and Exxon's Russian Affairs* (*But Were Afraid to Ask)

07/26/2017 6:00 PM


  • Joe H.
    07/28/2017 05:23

    When did cologne scents get into politics? I'm gonna look for sex panther's page.

  • Arseniy O.
    07/28/2017 03:45

    Lol 2 millions is like 2 hours of their profits

  • David M.
    07/28/2017 03:22

    Makes me laugh that at every turn some how the Trump administration is colluding with Russia lmao what a fuckin joke

  • Todd C.
    07/28/2017 03:14

    Wow.. stop the presses.. a billion dollar multinational corporation was fined $2 million. Must've been an Earth-shattering violation they committed. Please. Next story.

  • Marlin S.
    07/27/2017 22:35

    2 million is a rounding error for a company like Exxon. What a fucking joke!

  • Dylan K.
    07/27/2017 22:03

    2 million when they profit billions from doing so great job murica.

  • Damir M.
    07/27/2017 22:03

    Now gas prices going up and we are going to blame Russia are you fucking stupid why America always blame others i don't understand

  • Arian D.
    07/27/2017 21:05

    Here is a question. Why is Russia so bad?

  • Robby D.
    07/27/2017 20:26

    Good fine them. They're the ones who are preventing us from harnessing the power and the sun

  • Terrell M.
    07/27/2017 19:14

    Any country that refuses the dollar and the central bank will be criminalized in the eyes of the US. I'm wrong? Ask Cuba.

  • Justin L.
    07/27/2017 19:00

    Russia, Russia, Russia. Yawn.

  • Sebastián A.
    07/27/2017 18:17

    In Rex tillerson exxon Mobil and Russia got themselves the best Secretary of State money could buy

  • Anthony T.
    07/27/2017 17:40

    Two faced

  • Jonathan S.
    07/27/2017 17:25

    During the Cold War most of the oil companies were doing business with Soviet-back/Socialist regimes so corporations doing what they want, whenever they want isn't something new ahahaha

  • Doug G.
    07/27/2017 16:53

    2 million?? That's a days worth of profit, sounds like they got off easy.

  • Tito C.
    07/27/2017 16:41

    remember where you heard the Name Igor Senchen before ??

  • Adam D.
    07/27/2017 15:02

    Oh boy more Russia bullshit. Let's all get ready for raising gas prices.

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