Times Elizabeth Warren persisted

Persist (verb) : to continue steadfastly or firmly especially in spite of opposition. U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren is good at it. #shepersisted

03/25/2017 3:00 PM
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  • Dane F.
    03/29/2017 14:46

    Hahaha the more Warren speaks the more support the Dems lose I love it 😂😂🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Sanjeev K.
    03/29/2017 17:06

    Love her!

  • Cee L.
    03/29/2017 17:30

    why isn't she president??? oh yeah people are retarded, sexist & racist. #merikkka

  • Joe I.
    03/29/2017 17:40

    She's great !!

  • Edward F.
    03/29/2017 17:49

    Stupid ass she should try to do what's right for the people she's representing not just fight in gridlock government

  • Robert O.
    03/29/2017 18:27

    Give them Hell, Senator Warren.

  • Josue M.
    03/29/2017 18:38

    Alexandra Christina

  • Angelo H.
    03/29/2017 18:53

    Speaking of scams did she pay back the native Americans after using their college funds to go to school for free? What a typical liberal hypocrite

  • Lucas S.
    03/29/2017 18:57

    "The board will handle it" is a perfectly reasonable answer. Not answering a question yes or no. Doesn't mean it's no. Doesn't mean it's yes either. Usually means it's a little more complicated and that's why he said the board would handle it. Strange she'd bring up hurt feelings when she participates in a march that's about hurt feelings. Once his tax returns were leaked. Oh hey. He payed his taxes. Fuck you Warren. When Hillary's Emails were investigated nothing came up. They were both "innocent" in the things they wouldn't release. DeVos's has plans and ideas that aim to help students. Which is something Warren agrees with. If she wasn't too busy being an obnoxious cunt she could pay attention to those things. Arguing in favor of a healthcare system that favors you is understandable. It's not right. But it's understandable. Women's rights is a joke. Someone in her position should know full well the problems with that and the feminist movement itself. Wage gap is a lie. Rape culture is inaccurate. Actively working against the fact that child custody is becoming more equal is literally sexist. Cmon Warren. I hear the praises. But your obnoxious contradicting attitude aligns more with the person you hate (Trump) than it does the image people give you.

  • Dean F.
    03/29/2017 20:41


  • Aaron B.
    03/29/2017 21:59

    Euthanize her! Poor thing has got to be in pain

  • Cade N.
    03/29/2017 22:04


  • Darold F.
    03/29/2017 22:31

    Why is this shit in my news feed?

  • Oscar H.
    03/29/2017 23:01

    Hey you know does have experience managing billions of dollars? Donald trump.

  • Oscar H.
    03/29/2017 23:03

    Hey you know who didn't have any experience managing money before elected president? Barack Obama.

  • Bill Z.
    03/29/2017 23:06

    You are the biggest douche this screwed up state has ever seen. YOU haven't done shit for people of this state other than talk.

  • Bill Z.
    03/29/2017 23:08

    Did you have any experience being a idiot before you got into whatever it is you do??? Douche!

  • Aj S.
    03/30/2017 09:48

    Love her please run in 2020

  • Charles H.
    03/30/2017 09:59

    I'm still trying to wrap my head around how people are still supporting Trump. The only thing he's done so far is piss allot of people off and improve his golf game.

  • Eric G.
    03/30/2017 10:52

    Wonder what she felt like when Trump's taxes did get realeased. Finding out he paid more in taxes than, Obama, Hillary and even Bernie Sanders hahaha