• Vickie S.
    02/21/2019 07:17

    Teach healthy cooking from scratch at All schools to wipe out ready meals....

  • Doug H.
    02/21/2019 08:19

    An eye opener. YES, less processed foods, more homemade to reduce demand for Palm Oil .....

  • Stella M.
    02/21/2019 08:37

    I wonder if what that Greenpeace lad said is true. Indonesians do use fire for cooking still, so if the fires were small they don't necessarily mean they were deforesting.

  • Nikki M.
    02/21/2019 08:49


  • Jason F.
    02/21/2019 08:50

    We can simply buy whole grains, whole fruits and whole vegetables. Not a bad solution don't you think!!!?

  • Susan H.
    02/21/2019 09:00

    Healthy eating improved health less strain on the NHS, real food tastes much better than processed, the problem we have is we are all getting hooked on sugar which plays a huge part in people's diet choices

  • Creanova L.
    02/21/2019 09:27

    The deforestration happens severely in western countries and the blame goes to these Malaysia & Indonesia. Your animal species long ago extinct before these special animals are being endangered. At least they have a programm to protect thier environment compare to these loud mouth western countries...

  • Louis S.
    02/21/2019 09:28

    this is what I was talking about

  • Bing A.
    02/21/2019 10:04

    Drastically cut junk food production. Problem is consumers can’t get enough.

  • Subtanga S.
    02/21/2019 10:23


  • Jonash A.
    02/21/2019 10:50

    plant palm oil on mars

  • Erkan M.
    02/21/2019 11:02

    Weed is the answer

  • Laura L.
    02/21/2019 11:24


  • Anneli W.
    02/21/2019 11:42

    The rainforest has the largest diversity of all forests. The biggest destruction of rainforests came with palm oil production. The orangutan and other animals, and plants, are about to be eradicated due to palm oil production. The infrastructure and energy needed to produce this oil, also is much greater than other plant oils. This could also have been part of the report, and also the extent of eradication of plants and animals compared to the production of other oils. And how does it affect the people that used to live in the rainforest areas, as their homes and lives for thousands of years were ruined by the producers and investors of palm oil? Now they are offered to work for the companies that destroyed their homes and lives . Kanskje skrive litt om kampanjen deres i Norge for å få ned forbruket?

  • Rachel T.
    02/21/2019 14:30

    Pardon montre à ton mari

  • Dan C.
    02/21/2019 14:42


  • Michael J.
    02/22/2019 01:10


  • Michael J.
    02/22/2019 01:10

    Ancient history palm oil???

  • Michael J.
    02/22/2019 01:13

    Ancient Egyptian never use palm oil🤔

  • Danielle M.
    02/22/2019 01:51

    There IS an easy answer. We need family planning. The human population needs to reduce. Period.