What could finance the Mar-a-Lago trips?

Donald J. Trump's trips to Mar-a-Lago versus his budget cuts: we did the math.

04/07/2017 1:56 PM
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  • Jason G.
    04/07/2017 21:44

    Helping people isn't very Presidential.

  • Randy P.
    04/07/2017 22:58

    Yeah he's getting shit done

  • Pete G.
    04/07/2017 23:01

    I know these things are for our benefit but HE and his people don't give a damn about these facts.

  • Travis J.
    04/07/2017 23:15

    Let's tally up Obama's waste.

  • James K.
    04/08/2017 00:18

    why complain? the dood can obviously pay all that money back with the money he makes from his businesses.

  • Michael G.
    04/08/2017 01:14

    All presidents take vacations and travel to their retreat destinations at the taxpayers expense this is nothing new get over it

  • Lukas W.
    04/08/2017 01:41

    And this is only 2 months what about 4 years he can spend fortune and no help for poor and real needs - what a shame

  • Paul T.
    04/08/2017 01:59

    All handouts? Spend away trump! Make these lazy bastards work for their money!

  • Adriana B.
    04/08/2017 03:20

    This potus is a DISGRACE and an IDIOT!!!

  • Randal J.
    04/08/2017 03:26

    Do the math for the other guy.......check his time card!

  • Monica P.
    04/08/2017 04:06

    And we pay 3x or more supporting Sanctuary cities. Do the math.

  • Simon A.
    04/08/2017 04:32

    Wait youre a juggalo. Nvm i dont argue with the mentally retarded.

  • Jonathan M.
    04/08/2017 05:14

    Had the government been able to utilize that money, do you really think it would have went toward those things stated in this video? How many times has the U.S. told us "we just don't know where the money went". Those who don't like President Trump will always find fault in him whether there is or there isn't. Obama was cool but wasn't great either.

  • Brandon M.
    04/08/2017 06:02


  • Jordan S.
    04/08/2017 07:51

    This fucking parasite hypocrite.

  • Joseph C.
    04/08/2017 14:29

    Trump plays golf probably more than Tiger Woods does. Yet his swing is worse than Charles Barkley's. Probably because he doesn't take advice from nobody and thinks he knows it all already 😂😂😂

  • Doug R.
    04/08/2017 15:38

    He was so critical of Obama golfing and taking vacations. This just shows the hypocrisy of his presidency.

  • Ramon T.
    04/08/2017 15:50

    How many presidents that have been to the white house?Did they do something with the programs that you mention?and if yes, why is it still a problem until now?

  • Tara S.
    04/08/2017 18:12

    The cost of investigating all the corruption in his administration has and will cost us much much more than the golf trips. What do you think the cost is of using the FBI and CIA to investigate multiple people in his cabinet and all the ties to Russia? so sad we are having to use these important resources investigating our own countrymen. Has to be done. This is a bipartisan issue. Neither agency has to take on a suggested investigations yet both are. This is real and much more worrisome and costly than golf trips.

  • Brian C.
    04/08/2017 18:33

    So.... Instead of him golfing he should have given the money to people who "need" it. You had me until the typical bleeding heart comparison on grants and so on. Money down the drain is better used than giving it to anyone with a hand out!