Winter Clothing Made Without Animal Products

Veganism is about more than what you eat, it's also what you wear. The brand Vaute creates clothing without animal products (using only organic and recycled fibers made in America). 👉 If you would like to purchase their products here is the link : 👍 Brut followers will get 20% off with the code BRUT.

11/18/2018 10:02 AMupdated: 03/11/2019 2:08 PM


  • Alessia R.
    11/30/2018 19:38

    Yes, synthetic is so much better, seriously?

  • Hüseyin B.
    11/30/2018 07:50


  • Hubi L.
    11/30/2018 03:56

    ich fang jez mit veganer Jagdausrüstung an!

  • Julia L.
    11/29/2018 01:50

    Sheep have to be sheared or else their wool mats up on them and becomes heavy and can cause health problems for domestic sheep

  • Sujata D.
    11/28/2018 15:37


  • Austin B.
    11/28/2018 15:30

    “What’s that?” “It’s a sweater made from recycled milk jugs” This isn’t gonna end well

  • Hattie S.
    11/27/2018 21:34

    I love l9v3

  • Hattie S.
    11/27/2018 21:31


  • Trisha R.
    11/26/2018 23:50

    Myra Masian Juan

  • Keith F.
    11/26/2018 23:45


  • Anabel L.
    11/26/2018 13:39


  • Léonie D.
    11/25/2018 15:46

    tes pas vegan debord

  • Amber A.
    11/25/2018 03:28

    Its all a gimmick. Ppl need to come up with cliques to join to feel more important than other ppl. Vegan or vegetarian never exsisted 100 years ago. Humans produce essential chemicals, for optimal body function, only by consuming meat. Everything we eat (in whole form) has a use in our survival.

  • Amber A.
    11/25/2018 03:11

    OK so you wear and promote synthetics, that kill the environment, that the animals live in?

  • Amrish U.
    11/25/2018 02:20


  • Bob E.
    11/24/2018 05:18

    Wow...she has a really annoying voice

  • Bryant L.
    11/23/2018 22:50

    Yuh gotta be kidding me

  • Sebastian T.
    11/23/2018 19:11

    Lets start make non biodegradable plasticky clothing yay cuz its vegan

  • Cathleen O.
    11/23/2018 04:38

    Dimphna Pasicolan

  • Dustin H.
    11/23/2018 04:19

    Look. Another reason for vegans to be smug.

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