Winter Clothing Made Without Animal Products

Veganism is about more than what you eat, it's also what you wear. The brand Vaute creates clothing without animal products (using only organic and recycled fibers made in America). 👉 If you would like to purchase their products here is the link : 👍 Brut followers will get 20% off with the code BRUT.

11/18/2018 10:02 AMupdated: 03/11/2019 2:08 PM


  • Anu K.
    11/20/2018 16:26

    Rahul V Gala......kapde bhi!!!

  • Diodri B.
    11/19/2018 21:19

    the vegan brand are expensive than the cashmere one, so the 70% of the people will buy to H&M and other no ethical brand i don't know this is everyone concerne why the solution can ne affordable just forma rich people i mean is no sense

  • Maha A.
    11/19/2018 10:04

    It's the fashion industry that caused all the waste by brainwashing people and making them buy more and more clothes that they don't need just so they can profit from them. If people only kept a few items of clothing, and didn't discard them selfishly we wouldn't be at this point. Now they want to invent new products just so they can exploit the vegan angle. Nothing to do with being more conscious. It's all about money!

  • Anna F.
    11/19/2018 06:30

    Use trees leaves for clothing, if not wool from sheep.. Vegetables plants are Living beings too! Cutting off the tree trunk/ branches to make your cottage cabin homes! Oh wait Trees are living beings too! Vegans what are you going to do... ha! :-)

  • James S.
    11/18/2018 23:59

    Sooo...define "organic" in a way which is verifiable by an outside observer.

  • David M.
    11/18/2018 21:55

    Way too extreme... ....sheep need to be shorn, so why not use the wool for clothing.

  • Helmet S.
    11/18/2018 20:19


  • Stuart P.
    11/18/2018 19:56

    What's wrong with silk? Lol 🤦

  • Natalie P.
    11/18/2018 17:34

    This is so true. We went to the vegi vegan fest in Sheffield where my boy pointed out the leather sofas and wondered why a V person would use them/sit on them but also why the organisers wouldn't think to move the dead cow out?

  • Carol L.
    11/18/2018 17:19

    Do what you want but remember have no right harass or attack others for their choice.

  • Franco A.
    11/18/2018 16:13

    es una estupidez porque al final usan fibras plástico y que también dañan a los animales ósea de General tienen que usar ramas en el c*** y en las tetas para que no dañen al medio ambiente Así que no jodan con estupideces de Vega.

  • Marene E.
    11/18/2018 14:04

    fabrics made from plastics still harm the environment, every time you wash them, microplastics get into the water, which are almost impossible to get out. biocotton is ok, but still, it's in how you treat your animals, wool has been used for ages, also because animals naturally loose (part of) their coat in summer time. nuance is better than thinking you know the absolute truth.

  • Gustavo P.
    11/18/2018 14:03

    Wear two bananas leaves and I’ll be right

  • Carlos B.
    11/18/2018 13:57

    Still the fabrics should be compostable biodegradable.... to avoid the other problem of the microplastics

  • Сретен Ф.
    11/18/2018 10:55

    Silk and wool are actually more environment friendly, than cotton for example. In it's life cycle, cotton uses more water, more land to produce and needs to be transported several times, so it has a massive impact on natural resources, climate change and air and land pollution... Not everything is black and white.

  • Brut nature
    11/16/2018 18:31

    This is the first time we have partnered with a vegan brand and it's important for us to let you know why. We have made several videos about vegan clothing and many of our viewers have asked us about finding these items. As you may know, Brut. works to present solution driven initiatives created by people making a positive impact on the world. Due to their values, we think it constructive to introduce the brand Vaute and partner with them to give our viewers an opportunity to grab their products at a reduced price. To be upfront, Brut. will receive a commission when one of our followers makes a purchase. Hope you'll find this partnership useful and enjoyable.

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