#TBT: News Footage From the Manson Murder Case

Here's a look back at news footage from the Manson murder trial — including an interview with Susan Atkins's attorney. Atkins was the Manson family member who confessed to murdering Sharon Tate in 1969.

08/01/2019 12:00 PMupdated: 08/01/2019 12:42 PM
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  • Brut
    08/01/2019 14:09

    Here's movie ranch the Manson Family lived in ahead of Sharon Tate's murder.

  • Brut
    08/01/2019 14:21

    This is the movie ranch the Manson Family lived in ahead of Sharon Tate's murder:

  • Betty S.
    08/01/2019 16:53

    One of the biggest misconceptions about Manson was that he was a hippie. He may have dressed like one but he was a fascist. He wanted to start a race war by having these innocent white folks murdered and placing the blame on black people. According to Manson blacks would kill whites while he and his associates would hide out and emerge when done and rule black folks who he thought were too stupid to rule themselves and his dumb ass followers believed him. This was Helter Skelter.

  • Omon S.
    08/02/2019 00:09

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  • Chrys A.
    08/04/2019 18:41


  • Shahrbano I.
    08/12/2019 20:45

    Didn't know that the case remains unsolved!

  • Jeomyrr A.
    7 days

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  • Cesar J.
    7 days

    Why is this important...what about the news on the shooting thtas been happening lately

  • Cesar J.
    7 days

    Fuck Manson

  • Gene G.
    6 days

    Back in the 60’s I used to drive right by the Manson Encampment, and wonder just what was going on in such a filthy, disrupted , place, being so close to civilization, being Chatsworth, Ca. just down the road. I’ll never forget those days.

  • Dannie C.
    6 days

    Only white people

  • Cesar M.
    6 days


  • Jessamyne J.
    5 days

    ang atong gitan-aw. True story jud diay to kapatid. Pero patay lamang sila

  • Momi A.
    5 days

    Los anggggggggggeles

  • فرج ا.
    5 days


  • Adrian M.
    5 days

    Am I the only who thinks that this is a voiceover? The audio is not matching the pronunciation of the lips

  • Jinny P.
    5 days


  • Septian G.
    4 days

    Brut moment

  • Dikshya B.
    3 days

    ...see what i found

  • Payiwo P.
    3 days

    related scene in the movie 'once upon a time in hollywood'