#TBT: The Great Emu War

Soldiers battling against invincible birds... This surprising footage was shot in Australia during the Great Emu War. That was in 1932. #tbt

09/19/2019 4:17 PM
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  • Japu A.
    10/11/2019 14:34

    Horrible guys is evil n stupid. They gone in hell sure

  • Laro S.
    10/02/2019 14:41

    And the emu award goes to....

  • Santosh K.
    10/01/2019 18:48

    Beautiful flightless birds.

  • Venkatesh M.
    10/01/2019 02:33

    Cheap very cheap

  • يس م.
    10/01/2019 00:39

    همجية الاوروبيين مستمرة

  • Juan H.
    09/30/2019 23:33

    Si hubiese sido en mexico hubiesen acabado en mole asados rostisados al horno jaaaa jaaa

  • عمار ع.
    09/30/2019 23:32

    The man inside us died

  • Sinned G.
    09/30/2019 23:00

    Mga gago!!

  • Juno J.
    09/30/2019 21:20

    Wtf did yall just make me watch

  • Elvis B.
    09/30/2019 21:16

    Malditos criminales abusadores de inocentes

  • Sammy M.
    09/30/2019 20:58

    Hope these idiots were not doing this in our land "Africa" if that is the case then I pray that they rot in hell

  • يس ي.
    09/30/2019 16:24

    Una de las pruebas que muestra que los humanos somos unas plagas...

  • César M.
    09/30/2019 15:24

    Fucking human plague, I ashame of these people sorry pachamama they don't know what they do with you

  • Jhon J.
    09/30/2019 13:23


  • Stichting J.
    09/30/2019 11:51

    Know who the devil is 👿👿 rape robe and murder everywhere they go Job 9:24 [24]The earth is given into the hand of the wicked: he covereth the faces of the judges thereof; if not, where, and who is he?

  • Azzal A.
    09/30/2019 06:37

    kabhi kaway ne hamla kia hai tere pr? Yahi hoa tha inke sath😂😂 Inho ne uske liye bhi lumber 1 ko bulaya

  • Bagas A.
    09/30/2019 06:06

    Kevin ? Is that you ? 😮

  • Itachi D.
    09/30/2019 05:39

    Ahh those emu eh? Its been such a long ass time since i live with the emu clan and i already forgotten how to speak their native language..

  • Carlos O.
    09/30/2019 01:40

    Como siempre los humanos matando y destruyendo todo .vamos camino a nuestra propia extincion

  • Paolo M.
    09/30/2019 00:25

    Cuando no el humano peor que un animal una bestia....como dice la canción de Roberto Carlos quisiera ser civilizado como los animales y mientras que los humanos tienen razocionio son peores