• Judith M.
    10/20/2019 02:52

    Just get a damn map ( paper) and learn how to use it!

  • Milton M.
    10/05/2019 04:05

    It sort of imply the first two techniques don’t work too well, hence you most likely will be lost in the woods till night and use the third technique.......

  • Yustinus N.
    10/01/2019 18:48

    What about moss at tropical area? Still face to North?

  • Blanca E.
    09/30/2019 02:16

    En español,por favor!

  • Mobeen S.
    09/29/2019 08:03

    Why the tip point towards north, how about needle end.

  • Natal N.
    09/23/2019 23:19

    Tersesat di hutan, paling juga di ganggu hantu pirau

  • Rups L.
    09/23/2019 16:14

    Good idea

  • GREEN B.
    09/21/2019 20:20

    Meguerfi Djelloul

  • Ghouti K.
    09/21/2019 18:37


  • Vincent V.
    09/21/2019 10:51

    After reading the other comments, I wonder why the guy posting this video hasn't decided to take it down, recognizing his tips are at best useless and even potentially dangerous.

  • Vincent V.
    09/21/2019 10:45

    How funny. All three suggestions wouldn't work over here in the bolivian Amazon. Besides the fact that I never bring any needles to the forest, and the closest rock is a few hundred km away, the last thing I'd want to do if lost, would be to throw away my water. 2) being in the southern hemispere the trick with the moss would guide me in the opposite direction and 3) I wouldn't be able to find the north star either.

  • Hormi M.
    09/19/2019 05:21


  • Laurent P.
    09/19/2019 05:03

    Who lost in the forest ?

  • Rehmat M.
    09/19/2019 01:33

    Ok now, 3 tips to fight grizzly bear. đŸ€ŁđŸ»

  • ElĂ©onore K.
    09/18/2019 20:45

    l’étĂ© prochain

  • ElĂ©onore K.
    09/18/2019 20:32

    l’étĂ© prochain

  • Min H.
    09/18/2019 20:04

    ေျမဏကá€čအရပá€č á€›á€œá€Źá€”á€Šá€čသပါ။ သိပá€čအဖုိှတနá€čပါတယá€č။ လူတုိငá€čှနာှလညá€čေဥဏငá€č ၟကညá€čá‚”á€‘á€Źá€žáŸá€€á€±á€…á€œá€Żá€­á€•á€«á€á€šá€č။

  • Luis A.
    09/18/2019 05:39

    Desde nicaragua bendiciones en CRISTO JESUS

  • Luis A.
    09/18/2019 05:38

    Es interesante es una tecnica para .para buscar salida en caso q estes perdido la aguja o pedazo de ramita te indica el norte .con la energia q se desprendio del cabeello.las cascaras siempre el viento q viene del este las seca .la parte de atras se convierte en el oeste.y por la noche o madrugada sale el lucero q le dicen.el lucero dela madrugada sale en el este.bien gracias .CRISTO JESUS bensiga a todos.pero la mejor orientacion la da CRISTO JESUS para vida eterna Amen?

  • Lamia L.
    09/17/2019 18:07

    ca peut toujours servir lol

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