3 techniques to find your way in the woods

Lost in the woods with no GPS signal? Here are 3 techniques to find your way, with @[544452959278052]. 🍂

09/10/2019 6:16 AMupdated: 09/11/2019 3:41 PM
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  • Margaret S.
    09/10/2019 06:43

  • Camille O.
    09/10/2019 07:09

    ? 🤔

  • Hannah J.
    09/10/2019 07:17

    Yeah, because I always carry a needle with me when I go into the woods. 🤔

  • Shaun R.
    09/10/2019 07:22

    hsha not so easy when it's that dark you can't see hand in front of your face!

  • Chris G.
    09/10/2019 07:25

    Remember if you get lost, you can always find east by staring directly at the sun...

  • Robin-Julie W.
    09/10/2019 07:31

    Sound logic - but a little different if you don't happen to be in the Northern Hemisphere.

  • Leroy K.
    09/10/2019 07:56

    voor als je weer een keer verdwaald.

  • John K.
    09/10/2019 07:58

    Hahaha we will be 100 years old and still quoting Simpsons from the 90s

  • Andrey C.
    09/10/2019 08:39


  • Kyle W.
    09/10/2019 08:58

    Right, I'm in the UK... If you can see stars you are lucky. If I was going to take a needle, why wouldn't I take a compass instead? And I dont generally have a needle with me. The moss thing 90% of the time just doesnt work. And even if any of these tips were actually any help, which they aren't, knowing which way is North is in itself completely pointless if you dont have a map or know where you are in the first place!

  • A R.
    09/10/2019 09:07


  • Ar Y.
    09/10/2019 09:55

    just in case, we get lost somewhere. Lol 😂

  • Daniel D.
    09/10/2019 11:18

    Este tio es gilipollas

  • Jesse H.
    09/10/2019 12:59

    This all depends on which hemisphere you are in and if there is any 'moss' growing on trees. That's not a thing everywhere but thanks anyway.

  • Jason E.
    09/10/2019 13:19

    We used to travel the entire ocean using nothing but the stars. This was before yall invented the compass.

  • سعيد ع.
    09/10/2019 13:47

    but .you don t appen to be in the northern hemisphere.

  • Charles S.
    09/10/2019 14:26

    Where can I get needles in the middle of the forest?

  • Anna F.
    09/10/2019 18:56

    Who carries needles to the forest.. The Night sky & sun rise & sun sets helps too...

  • Irene K.
    09/10/2019 19:19


  • Colm W.
    09/10/2019 19:57

    1. Shite - Rocks cause metallic interference 2. Shite - You actually state that what you say isn't reliable 3. Shite - You already state that a map is needed. What a completely pointless, potentially dangerous and waste of time video