5 of the Most Daring Jailbreaks

Masquerading as your own daughter. Sliding through a food slot. These are just some of the weirdest and most daring jailbreaks that actually worked — briefly. 🚨

The Wildest Jailbreaks That (Briefly) Worked Out

The plan for this Brazilian drug trafficker to escape prison was to dress as his daughter and walk out. But that may not be the weirdest prison break…Here are 5 from around the world.

Choi Gap Bok

In 2012, Choi Gap Bok was arrested on suspicion of robbery in South Korea. After 5 days in jail, the 5’4, 118 lb. yoga master used ointment to squeeze himself through his small food slot as the guards slept. But the 50-year-old was captured 6 days later — and put in a cell with a much smaller slot.

Michel Vaujour

French criminal Michel Vaujour was locked up at a Paris prison for armed robbery and attempted murder. In May 1986, his wife Nadine, after taking lessons, flew a helicopter to the prison rooftop where he was waiting. Vaujour had threatened his way to the roof using nectarines painted to look like grenades. She was eventually caught, while he was shot in the head in a failed robbery.

Escape From Dannemora

In June 2015, 2 inmates convicted of murder Tunneled out of the maximum security Clinton Correctional Facility in upstate New York. Richard Matt and Ben Sweat used tools provided to them by Joyce Mitchell, the employee who ran the prison tailor shop — and who is accused of being intimate with both men. Matt and Sweat survived in the wilderness for three weeks before being apprehended. All three were the subjects of Showtime’s miniseries Escape From Dannemora.


When notorious narco-trafficker Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman was finally captured by Mexican authorities in 2014, it took just over a year for the Sinaloa Cartel leader to escape again. He escaped via a mile-long tunnel dug right under his cell in Altiplano Prison. Guzman was captured again in 2015, but not before giving an exclusive interview to actor Sean Penn while he was on the run.


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