1. Model and Coder Shuts down Sexist Online Trolls

  2. Taylor Swift's Impassioned Call to Victims

  3. She's a "Vitiligo Goddess"

  4. Trump's Deleted Video Blog

  5. Anne Hathaway denounces white privilege

  6. She's Empowering Women to Ditch the Dye

  7. Model Embraces Her Unibrow

  8. First Woman to Reign at Medieval Times

  9. NRA's Dana Loesch Put KKK Hoods on Thomas & Friends

  10. Traveling The World To Shatter Racial Stereotypes

  11. Reporters Bleep Themselves When Quoting Trump

  12. Marco Rubio vs. Alex Jones

  13. Former "Cosby" actor won't be job shamed

  14. She's Rising Above Fat Shaming

  15. Russell Brand Calls For Change in Views on Addiction

  16. James Baldwin words on social and racial prejudice

  17. Kid Cudi Advocates For Mental Health

  18. Pink Stops Concert to Give Fan A Much-Needed Hug

  19. Helping LGBTQ Kids Find Their Voice

  20. Therese Okoumou's "Be Best" Clapback

  21. Venom-star Riz Ahmed for more diversity in Hollywood

  22. Meet Steven "Special Envoy" Seagal

  23. Meet Sacha Baron Cohen

  24. "In My Feelings" Challenge Epic Fails đŸ˜”

  25. Politicians Love to Dance 👯‍đŸ•ș💃

  26. Chloë Grace Moretz Fighting To End Conversion Therapy

  27. Uma Thurman On Weinstein

  28. What would happen to Earth if humans suddenly disappeared ?

  29. North Korea testing missiles for years

  30. Mr. Rogers vs. President Trump

  31. Scarlett Johansson opens up

  32. Niecy Nash on Equality and Diversity

  33. Nina Simone's road to fame

  34. Ron Perlman imitates Trump

  35. Gay chorus sings against hate

  36. Presidents' funniest moments

  37. Lena Waithe's life

  38. TOP 5 Emmys reactions: Spicer edition

  39. Donald Glover's Emmy win

  40. Interview: Michelle Rodriguez

  41. Fox & Friends debate about Confederate statues

  42. Tribute to Dick Gregory

  43. Tina Fey's back

  44. Donald Downer

  45. The White House Soap Opera

  46. GOTrump parody

  47. Story of his life: Peter Dinklage edition

  48. RIP Press Secretary Spicer

  49. O.J. Simpson has been granted parole

  50. Luther is back

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