1. Trump's female insecurities

  2. Ten Commandments down

  3. Ashley Graham gets emotional

  4. Goodbye Spicer

  5. Alex Jones influences Trump

  6. Obama congratules Jay Z

  7. Keeping Up with Sean Spicer's press conference

  8. Melania and Barron in the White House

  9. Trump on loyalty

  10. The new Avengers

  11. Fox News host's rant about Trump

  12. Eric Trump interview

  13. Huckabee's Press Conference

  14. Ariana Grande's speech at Manchester

  15. Why diversity matters?

  16. God and Politics

  17. Trump's followers

  18. Spicer is back!

  19. Jessica Chastain on sexism in movies

  20. Republicans want Trump to stop tweeting

  21. Stoner moms vloging

  22. Monica Lewinsky new fights

  23. Emotional crowd sings Oasis

  24. Handshake Power

  25. Gianforte allegedly body-slammed a journalist

  26. Top 3 awkward moments of Trump meeting The Pope

  27. Mark Zuckerwerg on passing exams

  28. The Trumps vs The Obamas: PDA Edition

  29. TOP 5: Melania Trump affection rejections

  30. Firings and double standard

  31. Pharrell's feminist speech

  32. Trump versus other politicians's fate

  33. A new "Model Law"

  34. New whitewashing polemic

  35. You are all fired!

  36. Sanders and Carter want Americans to vote more

  37. The (OVAL) Office

  38. 5 Sean Spicer's faux pas

  39. Sexual Harassement at work

  40. Bill O'Reilly offensive comments

  41. Instagram Story Of John Legend

  42. Schwarzenegger wants Trump to visit D.C school

  43. What really is Mar-a-Lago ?

  44. Sexism is still alive and well in the U.S.

  45. Duel : Amy anti Trump VS Richard pro Trump

  46. Sometimes politicians completely lose it

  47. Ashton Kutcher's speech against child sex trafficking

  48. John Oliver brought ads to try and educate President Trump

  49. Justin Trudeau survived to Trump's handshake

  50. See you in court

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