A rainbow-colored octopus spotted off the Philippine coast

This "rainbow" blanket octopus puts on a mesmerizing show... 🌈

A rainbow-coloured blanket octopus seen in the Philippines

This rainbow-colored creature was filmed off the Philippine coast. It’s called the “blanket octopus” because of the long membranes hidden between its arms. When it feels threatened, it unfurls them, creating a long train that makes it look bigger. Its rapid color changes could also be a defense mechanism to frighten predators or simply a reaction to the camera’s light. Encompassing several species, this octopus genus is called tremoctopus.

06/13/2019 4:04 PMupdated: 06/13/2019 6:04 PM


  • Elise M.
    12 hours

    I could maybe get on board with this one

  • Hunish S.
    16 hours


  • Amita P.
    a day

    Awesome, understand water world 👌

  • Lourdes P.
    2 days


  • Jose G.
    2 days

    Amazing animal

  • William A.
    2 days


  • Mc M.
    2 days

    Oh my!!! Beautiful

  • Alexia H.
    2 days


  • Sam S.
    2 days


  • Nazneen K.
    2 days


  • Fatima F.
    3 days


  • Nancy R.
    3 days


  • Jone M.
    3 days

    Awesome !

  • Éva M.
    3 days

    Amazing animal 🐙

  • Earn P.
    3 days

    แท้กคนอื่น แต่กูเองเพิ่งตื่นจ้า

  • Laurie D.
    4 days

    have you seen these?

  • Danielle D.
    5 days

    Looks like it wearing a cardigan. Pretty cool

  • Moira P.
    7 days


  • Noreen G.
    7 days

    Amazing 😲

  • Karen L.
    02/19/2021 15:46

    Lo amo

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