• Michael B.
    06/21/2017 08:13

    Fact - Alex Jones doesn't believe in what Alex Jones says. People who wear tin foil hats do. I wish I could make the amount of money that Alex does for being a fake news show host.

  • David R.
    06/21/2017 07:30

    People think drug smuggling from Mexico isn't real?, Jesus the other 2 coasts are detached from reality

  • Rose M.
    06/21/2017 05:13

    You know all these videos that are made to defame him are actually exposing his misinformation to a broader demographic. This is why trump became president. Because there is no bad publicity.

  • Wade E.
    06/21/2017 03:40

    Alex Jones can suck a donkey's dick from the back!

  • Dominic C.
    06/21/2017 03:30

    this guy on dvr?

  • Mike W.
    06/21/2017 02:53

    How can someone say that Sandy hook was a hoax. That's disgraceful.. I lived an hour away from that school

  • Jack D.
    06/21/2017 02:48

    Stop saying that he's a "theorist." Why can't we just call him a fucking lunatic?

  • Nabil W.
    06/21/2017 01:16

    Seriously who gives a damn about this clown. This is clearly a distraction so the republican senators can pass their health care bill.

  • Fredo M.
    06/21/2017 01:04

    CNN and MSNBC are super fake news đŸ€ŁđŸ€ŁđŸ€ŁđŸ”„

  • Jarrett W.
    06/21/2017 01:03

    Proof that Donald Trump is a idiot

  • Shane S.
    06/21/2017 00:11

    It's been rigged since world war 1

  • Benito G.
    06/21/2017 00:08

    Both of these dudes are wack jobs ....

  • Jeremy W.
    06/20/2017 23:56

    Alex Jones rocks... This site is trash... Bunch of parrots...

  • Jonathan C.
    06/20/2017 23:54

    Why is this bullshit on my feed I didnt even follow this page

  • James B.
    06/20/2017 23:26

    Alex Jones gives a bad name to all conspiracy theorists.

  • Brian B.
    06/20/2017 23:13


  • George M.
    06/20/2017 22:41

    I watched his piece on globalist agenda and I knew that was a crap.

  • Cullen J.
    06/20/2017 21:28

    The election was rigged, Bernie Sanders didn't stand a single chance in hell of getting the nomination due to the superdelegates, it's not a conspiracy when the evidence is right in front of you

  • Marcos J.
    06/20/2017 21:22

    This is where the radical righties get their news. Oh boy, it all makes sense now.

  • Shawn Y.
    06/20/2017 21:18

    Brut fake news lol

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