Björk's lifelong fight against climate change

Artist and political activist, Björk would like to leave a legacy even greater than her music: "All the time I can spend away from music making, I'll put in this battle" 💪🏼🌳🇮🇸

06/06/2018 5:00 PM


  • Ben W.
    04/26/2019 21:01

    Started to love her since the Sugarcubes, her music is still avant-garde and unique. Still can’t forget this Bangkok incident though lol

  • Dory S.
    04/22/2019 09:58

    You may not like her music. I love her creativity and freedom to show it. You may not like her activism. I love her commitment and belief in change for the better. You may not like her flamboyance. I love her costumes, play, and expansiveness.

  • Bob J.
    04/21/2019 19:48

    Your music is shit. And you do weird for weirds sake. Untalented bit h

  • Arlinda S.
    04/21/2019 09:38

    independence of Kosovo 😮

  • Ârês G.
    04/21/2019 05:59

    𓂀 got this👽😘

  • Glenn A.
    04/20/2019 18:00


  • Geoff K.
    04/20/2019 12:06

    some people handle fame and people well...bjerk is not one of those people

  • Karla S.
    04/19/2019 22:13

    and then...

  • Aurora D.
    04/19/2019 11:08

    Not a fan of her music but love what she does for the environment.