Björk's lifelong fight against climate change

Artist and political activist, Björk would like to leave a legacy even greater than her music: "All the time I can spend away from music making, I'll put in this battle" 💪🏼🌳🇮🇸

06/06/2018 5:00 PM


  • Jerry Q.
    05/27/2020 05:42

    is this your cousin?

  • Nguyen T.
    05/27/2020 00:52


  • Bech A.
    05/25/2020 11:08

    I love her ❤️❤️❤️

  • Nicolas-Alexandre C.
    05/25/2020 00:08

    Its a bit hypocritical for a multi millionnaire to lecture the world about climate change, they are by FAR the worst consumers of energy and ressources... My foot print is only a tiny fraction of what she as really done to the planet. I'm an organic farmer, that's the real fight.

  • Stauroula G.
    05/24/2020 20:13


  • Kakhaber T.
    05/24/2020 19:09

    She's sick, don't spread sickness!

  • Malta S.
    05/24/2020 17:58

    Strange girl but good for her in her cause.

  • Billie A.
    05/24/2020 17:54

    права ти ❣

  • Alison P.
    05/24/2020 17:10

    so nothing like lady gaga

  • Alison P.
    05/24/2020 17:10

    its so quiet shhhh, shhhh, shhhh - in fact it was so quiet and now bash bash love bjork-big uo to iceland🧘‍♀️🧘‍♀️🧘‍♀️💓💓💓

  • Cátia S.
    05/24/2020 16:38

    My inspiration since I was 15! A woman from the future, a true genius.

  • Kimberly L.
    05/24/2020 16:30

    I’ve been talking about Bjork for weeks.. a lot of people do not know who she is!

  • Kendra H.
    05/24/2020 16:21

    Amazing woman. She was the First Lady Gaga type.

  • Amber R.
    05/24/2020 16:12

    I had no idea she was such an activist. Makes me love her even more!

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