• Anindita C.
    01/07/2021 14:26

    Very informative with a beautiful background music👍

  • Swadha D.
    01/05/2021 16:57


  • Apoorv J.
    01/05/2021 14:23

    They are a beautiful species 💙

  • Jay M.
    01/04/2021 18:14

    It’s blue! Stop making every single little things into so much unnecessary đŸ’©!!!!!!

  • Amos M.
    01/04/2021 17:11

    Excellent information.Better than models,Pak news or other nonsense you post.

  • Sayanti B.
    01/04/2021 11:54

    Interesting facts to know . Nice post

  • Joanne R.
    01/03/2021 18:11

    Guess they forgot about the sky and water! smh

  • Shanza A.
    01/03/2021 10:12

    Mariha Parvez fact đŸ‘đŸ»

  • Ahmed N.
    01/02/2021 16:57


  • Mahad H.
    01/02/2021 15:50

    Nature is humans niche of serenity..... Cool wind of peace of mind

  • Tshhomo P.
    01/02/2021 15:37


  • Faghir B.
    01/02/2021 09:26

    The video just makes u realize that Mother Nature and its creatures are absolutely fenomenale. We need to take care of it now otherwise we will loose it due to climate changes

  • Fazal M.
    01/02/2021 07:02

    1 million views while u just posted it.

  • Qutab B.
    01/02/2021 07:02


  • Entis H.
    06/26/2020 02:44

    Very interesting...good to know....we also have a blue algae, it's natural.... but I wonder if it share similar fenomenom...

  • Mike J.
    05/15/2020 21:59

    See blue eyed people your aliens.. i knew it.😂

  • Tricia D.
    04/01/2020 01:54

    , bet Eve likes this one

  • Diane S.
    03/31/2020 07:06

    You didn’t mention the rods and cones in our eyes.

  • Julie S.
    03/30/2020 23:31

    Really interesting, thanks!

  • Salam A.
    03/30/2020 23:00

    So, true the blue color doesn't exist in nature even the blue sky acquires that blue color from ozone layer and the ocean has no color, it's actually transparent and because it's so pure, the blue sky reflects on the ocean. It's so rare to find blue roses. even though I love blue 💙

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