Cosplayers Help Make Dying GOT Fan’s Wish Come True

Cosplayers and actors from "Game of Thrones" teamed up to help make an elderly fan's wish come true. Brut has the videos that several GOT cast members filmed for her before she died.❄️⚔️

Game of Thrones" Cast Makes Dying Woman's Dream Come True

Game of Thrones cosplayers around the world united to make an elderly dying woman’s wish to meet the cast of the hit HBO cable entertainment show come true. 88-year-old Claire Walton’s final wish was to see the Battle of Winterfell and possibly meet members of the show's cast. Though her health was deteriorating, she made it through the episode — she died on the Monday afternoon after the much-anticipated episode aired. It all started when HopeHealth Hospice reached out to Kendra Malizia for help.

She confirms the life ending goal by telling the story of how it all began, “that's like her dying wish is just to meet Jon Snow, or really any of the characters during the Battle of Winterfell.” Travis Sigler, another cosplayer “Once the story got out it was like, OK, how can we make a difference? How can we help Claire see this episode or at least make it to that final night you know?” “The executive director asked me as a personal favor. She said, "you're really nerdy, like you must know someone who can dress up as Jon Snow and come and visit this old woman who's dying. She just loves that show she's a super fan…." I almost gave up because I was so discouraged by the response, that I couldn't find anyone who was willing to go visit this 88-year-old whose only wish was to meet someone from Game of Thrones before she died. So, I kind of just lit the first beacon, which was posting on a couple of cosplay sites and just using hash-tagging really was what I think was the first thing that people grabbed onto. And before I knew it, my message had been shared over a thousand times. People were just rallying. All the banners raised, I ended up getting dozens and dozens and dozens of messages from people all over the world.”

Many other Game of thrones cosplayers also sent ispiring feel good best wishes to Walton for the love of entertainment.


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  • Brut
    05/07/2019 20:36

    Jason Momoa shaved — and the Game of Thrones star used the moment to draw attention to something he hates.

  • Di L.
    05/07/2019 22:37

    She never found out how it ends tho!!! 😦

  • Mohammad A.
    05/09/2019 00:56

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  • An T.
    05/09/2019 13:20

    Im so disappointed how that tormund cosplayer drunk his milk

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  • Zaima K.
    05/10/2019 00:55

    marvel fan hoile cosplayer lagtona. Actual hero ra ashto :(

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  • Carlos P.
    05/11/2019 03:29

    Awesome story you guys made her comfortable on her last days.Buy hey mother Earth is daying to why we don't come together and try try to help her to let's get the word out .

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  • Bnmn Z.
    05/11/2019 15:06

    هادو هما الكفار ياك ؟!

  • Maria M.
    05/11/2019 17:18

    She couldn't even finish the season

  • Maria S.
    05/11/2019 19:51

    watch this ! 😄wow

  • Kabango A.
    05/12/2019 00:33

    I’m not crying, something is itching in my eyes, both of them

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  • Rehman K.
    05/12/2019 15:10

    god of death don’t want her to see the ending

  • Nibras Z.
    05/12/2019 15:36

    she'll regret watching it was the last thing she wanted to do 😂😂 it was very bad man 😂

  • Yassine E.
    05/12/2019 16:43

    da3i tanta lmawt bach tspoilina

  • Zain F.
    05/12/2019 17:50

    So sad she gonna die disappointed