Decripting Pornhub's insights

We looked into Pornhub's user data with a sex sociologist — here's what we learned. 👀

4 key takeaways from the 2019 Pornhub’s Insights

Amateur wins

Amateur porn topped the list for 2019 searches on the website Pornhub — coinciding with a huge increase in amateur creators to the site.

The internet reigns for porn

An average of 115 million visitors came to the site per day in 2019 — the equivalent of the populations of Canada, Australia, Poland, and the Netherlands all visiting in 1 day.

Cultural mash-up

Searches like "alien," "apex legends" and "cosplay" indicate an increasing number of pop culture influences in porn.

Women watching around the world

Despite the U.S. having by far the most site traffic, only 30% of its porn watchers were female — Thailand had the highest ratio of female users, with 39%.

What does it all mean?

“As a sociologist having all this data, having more and more people who are going to watch porn. I think there's a lot of possibility in that and there's an there's hope for more and more things to become de-stigmatize, for people to become more open about talking about sexuality, exploring your tastes so that when they have sex in real life, when they when they're negotiating sex with partners, they can perhaps have a better sense of what they desire and what they want to try out.”

“People in general are having less sex. So, Kate, Julian wrote a great piece about this in "The Atlantic" and it's been termed the sex recession. And so, another thought is if people are beginning to have slightly less sex in real life, maybe they're looking for more connection or more things like love, romance, when they're actually when they're using porn. Why do people watch porn? I think because sex is important to people, because it's available, because sex is kind of taboo. It's exciting”, Jessie Ford, PhD -- Columbia University tells Brut.


01/21/2020 12:57 PM
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  • Senad E.
    2 days

    People watch and consider that what they see is normal and starts to follow what they see. It's destructive for humanity.

  • Romar L.
    2 days

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  • Kenneth G.
    5 days

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  • Salman A.
    6 days

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  • Aashiq P.
    07/26/2020 04:53

    Capitalism making pornoghraphy normalize its worst thing Human's can sex its natural and most important for human's survival but porn industry ruining it I do sex i like sex i support sex naturally I totally condemn pornoghraphy

  • Vinod N.
    07/25/2020 13:19

    This rubbish has robbed a person of the real purpose of existence,

  • Yugandhar K.
    07/25/2020 09:54

    Where are Indian much they love porn... Please give us some job.

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    07/20/2020 17:52

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  • Natalia V.
    07/20/2020 08:23

    I think the reason why there are so many people in the philippines who watch porn everyday is the because of the effect of the judgement of the Filipinos toward another Filipinos. Filipinos are not as liberted as other country, its like we have less priviledge when it comes to those things beacuse of culture and tradition. and a lot of Filipino parents are not open to those things, Sex is a big issue to them, that is not commonly talked about . I think that one way of escaping this judgement is to just watch porn, for them to satisfy their curiosity and needs and freedom. Because in porn no one can judge them.

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    07/16/2020 23:07

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    07/16/2020 08:23

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    07/15/2020 18:37

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