Donald Trump Jr.'s Russian contact

Donald Trump Jr. admitted he met with a Kremlin-connected lawyer... But only after months of the Trump team saying they had no Russian contact.

07/11/2017 6:18 PM
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  • John D.
    07/11/2017 19:10

    Trumps team steps on rake

  • Christine G.
    07/11/2017 19:20

    They need better attorneys. Every word you say can and will be held against you in a court of law.

  • Dave M.
    07/11/2017 19:42

  • Elizabeth P.
    07/11/2017 19:52

    Reads and smells like a total idiot !

  • Verona H.
    07/11/2017 19:58

    Donald trump junior is bad at keeping secrets lol isn't the second time this has happened?

  • Kip D.
    07/11/2017 20:19

    Yeah but he didn't go to have the Russians meddling in the election. He went to get information on Hillary so its not a lie.

  • Gabriel C.
    07/11/2017 20:47

    Lock them up! Lock them up! Cone one deplorables join in on the chanting!

  • Eric R.
    07/11/2017 20:47

    Can we send the Trump family to prison yet?

  • Chris H.
    07/11/2017 21:02

    Complete liars, I mean is this a joke?

  • Victor G.
    07/11/2017 21:08

    ...hahahahaha...what a circus

  • Andrew W.
    07/11/2017 21:10

    How hard is it to say "yes" or "no" to a "yes or no" question? A shrink can tell you they're lying.

  • Maya Y.
    07/11/2017 21:19

    Wow he ugly looking .

  • Tyler D.
    07/11/2017 21:19

    Wrong. He met with them to get help on Getting Hillary Arrested. There goes fake new making half truth media to benefit them. This is why Trump won. you idiots will lie, kill, threaten and abuse others to do what you want.

  • Mike H.
    07/11/2017 21:25

    You mean the lawyer that, in an NBC interview, admitted she had no ties to the Kremlin nor did she ever have info on Hillary ORDER UP, ONE NOTHING BURGER, HOLD THE PICKLES!

  • Sydney H.
    07/11/2017 21:26

    Yeah I did it but I didn't get any information so it doesn't matter

  • Rob M.
    07/11/2017 21:36

    This is so silly. Most people did not vote for Hillary because of her warmongering agenda. She and Obama destroyed Libya and laughed about it. That was in 2011. Hillary lost in 2011 with Libya. Ghadafi's Revenge.

  • Boy C.
    07/11/2017 21:39

    Team Trump went after Hillary and Obama while the Russians meddling on are election . Sound like a good movie in the making!!! I will called it the (Deplorables Russian Gate!!!)

  • Jaiden P.
    07/11/2017 21:47

    Hillary has nothing to do with any of this. Lol stop denying the truth that is comming out! Wtf does Russia have anything to do with trying to get Hillary arrested? That's literally the dumbest idea to come up with I have ever heard. More and more facts are comming out saying that it happened. Quit denying it. Get off Hillary. She lost the election(not really based on the votes) so why do people continue to bring her old ass up? You fucking weirdos keep burying your head in the sand and deny all you want. But it happened. There's no way the American people would elect this moron into the White House

  • Melvin A.
    07/11/2017 21:56

    At least they are comming out clean

  • Alex P.
    07/11/2017 22:01

    ... Donald Trump doesnt have a son named Donald Trump Jr. Witch hunt!