• Tony A.
    03/15/2017 15:44

    Damn anyone can bea lawyer (liar) now a days even this idiot

  • Alondra A.
    03/08/2017 18:49

    Jessica dob lmao have you done basic research? 1.) The 1st amendment gives you the right and protection to be able to say what you want. Freedom of speech. 2). I'm sorry but I don't see my welfare. I'm an immigrant. Immigrants can't be illegal, illegal is an adjective. I'm sure you know what that means. In order to receive welfare, you need to show proof of citizenship or residency, which an "illegal immigrant" can't because we'll we're immigrants. My parents have 3 kids, our neighbors, US citizens had 6. So what you said is like the stupidest thing I've heard 😂. And if they're criminals, they're either in Jail, Prison, or Deported so they don't get anything. 3.) Your "president" Mr. Dump Trump has 5 kids. He's an American that works one job, he can afford his expenses. You, I'm guessing you're the one that works 2 jobs and doesn't qualify for welfare. Maybe instead of being butthurt from working two jobs, you could use the FAFSA you qualify to get a career instead of a job at Denny's. You see maybe the problem isn't "immigrants are taking our jobs" (because if a person that doesn't speak English, probably didn't even make it to high school, has absolutely nothing when they come here, can get a job as a dishwasher and get themselves a car, a house, and a family and be more successful than you, then that says A LOT about you) maybe the problem is how the government is more concerned with the rich and doesn't tax them more to provide for the middle and lower class in their society.

  • Jessica D.
    03/08/2017 17:51

    1. You should never ever ever on media discuss your dislike for your country or president. The reason for that is it's seen world wide that leaves weak points for our enemies known. 2. How many illegals are on welfare? On top of welfare they have more than one kid because they don't believe in protection. So now they get even more welfare money that they do not deserve because they are criminals,and cheats. We (the hard working Americans" are forced to pay for the less fortunate (the lazy/ illegals/non working class). So that American that should only have one job now has to work two jobs because they can't afford there living expenses. oh no that person make just above what they consider eligible for welfare. Instead of them having the time to spend with there families there out busting their butts.

  • Eveline E.
    03/08/2017 07:00

    If making decisive decisions make you presidential material, well we've got ourselves a presidential president.

  • Marcela R.
    03/08/2017 06:30

    Decisive decisions 🤔🤔

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