Farhan Akhtar Bats For Feminism

The talented Farhan Akhtar speaks about feminism and helping India’s youth realise that they can become real change agents. 👫

02/20/2019 4:01 AM
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  • Siddharth A.
    01/12/2022 17:31

    If you really want equality, something needs to be done about fake rape cases and no law against sexual harrasment of men.

  • Altaf A.
    01/10/2022 07:06


  • Jayashree P.
    01/10/2022 03:06

    We hate the way India is projected because thats not true Farhan should spend some time getting educated with the facts himself before trying to make a difference for others. He should stick to what he is good at viz acting in movies. No need to display non existent intelligence there. Just follow the script ans director

  • Anjali K.
    01/10/2022 02:32

    Wrong. India is not the rape capital of the world. He is as clueless as he was on the CAA issue. I don't disagree that it's a huge problem in India though so to that extent any help in welcome, just don't malign the entire nation every time you Tom tom the good work you do.

  • Salim M.
    01/09/2022 16:21

    Happy birthday God bless you

  • Eleanora M.
    01/09/2022 13:15

    You are doing a wonderful job Farhan but I think you need to focus also more on the common uneducated boys and men.

  • Gaurav S.
    01/09/2022 12:32

    Lapadjhandis hai 🤣

  • Hervé F.
    01/09/2022 11:46

    I like his mindset. It's necessary to fight for the gender equality, to improve the situation of women. This is not only a problem of women. Men should be interested them by the problem. He is an example for men.

  • Manasvi P.
    01/09/2022 11:03

    What are you doing?

  • Ram M.
    01/09/2022 09:15

    Don't know why some people giving Laugh reactions to this.. Mentally sick fellows

  • Aditi G.
    01/09/2022 07:29

    Bless him. Well said.

  • Mukesh P.
    01/09/2022 07:26

    Suvar kon dono ? Nahi khandhan pura mere paise par palte hai mere desh ka khte hai hamiyo ko dar lagta hai suvro ki tarah kyo pade ho niklo ehsan karo hum par

  • Mukesh P.
    01/09/2022 07:12

    Is suvar ko kon sunte honge ?

  • R J.
    01/09/2022 06:55

    Brut you will never change

  • Ashutosh P.
    01/09/2022 06:47

    First brutal rape was done by Muhammad of Ayesha when she was just 9 years old. Farhan Akhtar is follower of Muhammad. A Muslim can't be such kind of ambassador because every muslim family is like brothel where women family member is raped daily by her close blood relatives like father brothers, uncle. This is real story of every Muslim family and a true face of Islam.

  • Sunil T.
    01/09/2022 06:17

    One of the most underrated actors he is Fab

  • Bhavesh S.
    01/09/2022 06:15

    Mr feku

  • S P.
    01/09/2022 06:03

    Surprising Not much to say about polygamy, halala, women empowerment situation in certain peacefool community where womens are still seens as baby making machine 😂

  • Sahil J.
    01/09/2022 05:51

    A man after my own heart.

  • Mahan B.
    01/09/2022 05:44

    He is a clown

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