Food delivery workers share their horror stories

These food delivery drivers are sharing hilarious accounts of their worst customers.

08/29/2021 4:58 PM


  • Sammie G.
    2 hours

    But what if you have no other money. No car , and you need to feed your kids . Hmm? I was in a car accident last year and had a delivery person smash everything over me only tipping 2 dollars when its all i had , living 3 miles from a store so walking with crutches was not an option . I ordered through Walmart. So all they did was pick it up . Utterly ridiculous . I was reimbursed but still you don't know the story . Maybe someone else ordered the stuff for them and they had no clue you weren't tipped properly .

  • Edyta K.
    3 hours

    Ok I tip and I tip well above if you are friendly and respectful some literally throw food at you or better yet steal your food and cancel your order with a restaurant and I’m suppose to tip why? I’ve been a server and I earned it so why can’t they.

  • Daren S.
    4 hours

    DG!!! REAL talk💯💯😂😂😂😂

  • Angel P.
    10 hours

    What should happen is that all these companies who are making passive income by providing an app while the self employee does all the hard work, grabbing items, gas, wear an tear on vehicle, finding address, etc . Deserve better pay from their employer more than a tip from the customer. These large corporations need to do more for there employees and stop robbing them of there money they deserve

  • John M.
    14 hours

    Imma start tipping a dollar from now in if these f*cking videos keep showing up on me.

  • Jo D.
    21 hours

    In my country we don't tip at all. People don't rely on the money from tips. Our minimum wage is $18 ish. We still have tip jars in restaurants and bars, they spend th money on a team activity like bowling or dinner, it can also go towards the Chirstmas function at the end of the year

  • Tracie L.
    a day

    You don’t like it sweetheart then get a new job .

  • Israel R.
    a day

    a tip should be included in the subtotal price and paid to their employees by the employers themselves. tips should are optional regardless of what people say of u dont wanna drive far don't take the food as far as im concerned your not forced to take any jobs and u can work as many hours and do as many deliverys as u want

  • Jacob M.
    a day

    Get out of the service industry. That's really the only advice I have for drivers, servers, and to a lesser extent bartenders (most bartenders genuinely enjoy their job, IMO). I wasted over 10 years of my life being a server with absolutely nothing to show for it. That industry sucks you in and makes it hard to get out. Working for tips is antiquated af. I always tip 20% for good service though. Just wish the billionaires running the show would pay a living wage to their employees

  • Giriraj S.
    a day

    There is no rule for tips if u dont like the job quit..

  • Kane L.
    a day

    I don’t agree with tipping at all it’s your job. Do it or someone else will pfft ahaha

  • Keshia D.
    a day

    Quit than nobody made you apply for this job !!!! This is my opinion and I stand by it 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • James C.
    a day

    Soo it is up to the person who is purchasing the food, wether or not they want to leave a tip. Tired of not getting tips? Quit

  • Chris J.
    2 days

    For one you know that when you take the job get a real job I get my own food.

  • Jason S.
    2 days

    Dont accept orders with low pay. Its in the contract, its in your discretion to accept or decline, you cannot be deactivated for that reason.

  • Cody L.
    2 days

    I'm sorry but if you tell me I have to tip you because of the job you picked its not going to happen. And I tip a hella lot so... maybe the job u picked wasn't the best one.. I'm sorry if you get mad but screw it. Don't tell people we have to do anything.

  • Amanda K.
    2 days

    Unfortunately this generation is selfish and they won't pay you for anything. I don't do delivery services anymore because I'm not a charity

  • Ed C.
    2 days

    Snowflakes. Don't like the job, get another

  • Cxldhearted L.
    2 days

    Lml “we don’t want your food. We just want that money.” That’s exactly why yu got that $1 tip😭 now my foods cold 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Lizz D.
    2 days

    I used to deliver food as an extra gig, (I have a full time job that has a set schedule) I don't do the door dash or Uber eats anymore because it's just not worth it. The extra money just isn't enough to entice me to leave my home and put miles on my car.