• Juan C.
    2 days

    Boo hoo, you CHOSE to deliver food As a Doordash driver, if you're crying about not getting a $5 tip, you shouldn't even be driving in the first place. You knew beforehand that people might not tip, yet you chose to do it anyways.

  • Ali M.
    3 days

    what I was just telling you about

  • Dominique M.
    3 days

    I've never relied on any of these for full-time income but I'm thinking about how hard it was to make money in my early teens and early twenties I would have greatly appreciated these types of jobs

  • Dominique M.
    3 days

    And as much as I appreciate a cash tips don't be afraid to tip on the app. Doordash dose not take a percentage of our tips they simply pay us pennies so majority of what we make is your tip. I'm much more preciate apps like GrubHub because they pay us per mile, a delivery fee plus your tip. so you're guaranteed to make something no matter what with GrubHub

  • Dorothy F.
    3 days

    18 to 20%

  • Ayat H.
    5 days

    Lol.still laughable and.pathetic.. Been there done that neber had to post on social media amd "beg" amd complain..oh yeah i know how to read a job description tip over 30 % but literally no one has to TIP has a definition the ones who are using played out "cook at home" get your own ..then what robots will take over and it would be hassle free also people are allowed to eat out and are not obligated to tip you and most likely done this before you..its 2022 read the description or get over it ..stay mad also look up the word literally..youre literally using it wrong and literally dont have to tip even former workers are saying this..sooooo🤷💁

  • Kaitlyn B.
    7 days

    I used to DoorDash about a year or two ago as soon as I got a license and a car. Not making enough money or having to drive so freaking far for a DOLLAR is the reason why I quit. Now I'm a server at a Pizza Hut and make more than I ever did dashing. It's common sense. If you live in America and know that most of the population lives off tips, then you tip or get your own food. That's it.

  • Crystal R.
    01/14/2022 18:00

    Y'all decided to be delivery drivers . It's not my responsibility to pay your wages if you don't like it then get another job that pays more than Doordash or Ubereats. I will tip if my food is delivered hot .

  • Dylan L.
    01/14/2022 02:40

    One word for these people, Entitled. Jeeeez their life could be so much worse, I don't care that they complain about inconveniences, but when they act like the world is ending well.

  • Angela R.
    01/13/2022 23:26

    Then find a different job....sheesh...

  • Dylan R.
    01/13/2022 07:22

    It's not a tip of you expect it everytime

  • Aimee M.
    01/12/2022 22:46

    I always tip, but these companies should be paying a real wage. It shouldn't fall on the customers to make up for the horrible pay they receive.

  • Kevin C.
    01/12/2022 20:38

    This just shows there’s an issue in the system… those apps offer a service and keeps most of the profit while and employees does all the job and expect the customer to leave a nice big tip because they aren’t getting paid a fair wadge by the app who literally just exist to leave a text from a customer to an employee who will do the entire service once they are connected… and they charge you a certain amount and keep way more when really they should keep maybe 10 to 25 cent for the small service they have provided and leave a provision that ensure at least minimum wadge over the entire day no matter when they work

  • Laura B.
    01/12/2022 02:47

    Yea but Instacart charges a delivery fee of like $8.00 and you get a tip feom that fee. If not complain to Instacart.

  • Hector C.
    01/11/2022 03:55

    ....I get tipping your waiter 'cause some of US' states lower the waiter wage specifically for the tips........but to demand it from delivery......i really really don't get it.

  • Emil S.
    01/10/2022 16:56

    I used to tip really well with DoorDash but now I’ve just stopped ordering all together because I work “carside” (to go orders) at a restaurant and not only are they the rudest people I’ve ever had to deal with, they demand free stuff for having to wait for someone else’s food, they leave if it isn’t ready when they get there, they’ll cuss you out, and at the end of the day I end up making $10 in tips because all these a**hole DoorDash/Uber/Grubhub drivers get the tips instead of me.

  • Dylan S.
    01/10/2022 01:00

    no one said you had to take the offer 🤷‍♀️ don't get a good tip? don't take the delivery

  • Vanessa M.
    01/08/2022 20:29

    The company should pay your wages not the customers. Tips are not mandatory they are an option.

  • Jonathan T.
    01/08/2022 17:50

    No I don’t have to tip. If you don’t think you are getting paid enough, get a different job

  • Bryce C.
    01/07/2022 03:01

    Or u could find another job

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