Frogmouths are often confused with tree branches

This funny-looking bird may not be good at flying, but it's an expert at hiding. 👀

08/28/2019 4:43 PMupdated: 08/28/2019 6:37 PM
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  • Thuchindra P.
    09/27/2019 12:13


  • AhSan A.
    09/26/2019 18:24

    Beautiful ma sha Allah

  • Mary T.
    09/19/2019 17:13

    I live in an area of trees and 1/4 acre blocks. After dark, the tawny frogmouth loves to sit on the TV aerial as it is the highest point in the area. From there it can survey 2 or 3 backyards as well as mine. When it spies some tasty little creature it will swoop down and catch it. I have never seen them during daylight. My trees are not indigenous to the area so I am guessing it nests somewhere else. Great little birds.

  • David M.
    09/10/2019 16:49

    I've never seen one before,

  • Gary W.
    09/10/2019 13:21

    Mixed of black crow and owl !!!

  • Ritu R.
    09/07/2019 07:58


  • Asmadihalim
    09/07/2019 07:44

    Ya .yg turun di jalan belakang rmh

  • Jayabalan S.
    09/06/2019 03:04

    So CUTE

  • Janet E.
    09/04/2019 03:40

    they use that beak to catch a lot of mice.

  • Sarah L.
    09/01/2019 04:23

    Standing in my backyard right now admiring our resident pair. Wish I could share a picture of them

  • Brian G.
    09/01/2019 03:54


  • Arafath M.
    09/01/2019 01:53

    Indonesia,on sumatra island is many kind of this bird.. look so cute

  • Sabina S.
    09/01/2019 01:33

    Thanks for the video. Very interesting and enjoyable.

  • Silvia G.
    09/01/2019 00:48

    Preciosa, asombrosa.

  • احمد ع.
    09/01/2019 00:09

    كان هذا النوع متواجد عندنا فى الاْردن و للأسف الشديد لم اشاهده منذ اكثر من خمسة عشر سنة فائته وهو من الطيور الماهرة فى التخفي و يتغذى على الحشرات و العوالق بفتح فمه دون ابداء اي حركة منه اتمنى انه لم ينقرض لأنني كنت أراقب مناطقه مدافعاً عنه

  • Ceci R.
    08/31/2019 22:49


  • Anas M.
    08/31/2019 22:20

    Praises to his Almighty God

  • Ninfa S.
    08/31/2019 22:16

    C llama urutau en paraguay

  • Archie P.
    08/31/2019 22:05

    Also in South America

  • Khamis G.
    08/31/2019 20:31

    أبو النوم ... هذه أسمه عندنا