God and Politics

Oh my God Becky, look at... Representatives calling the Lord's name to pass their policy! #humbleandblessed

06/01/2017 10:14 PM
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  • Chloe M.
    06/01/2017 21:53

    I'm sorry but what happened to seperation of church and state? I find it highly inappropriate that these representatives keep shoving religion onto other people through these policies that they keep passing. Its ridiculous. It should be considered inappropriate to be using god as an excuse to be ignorant as they are being.

  • Daniel G.
    06/01/2017 22:07

    Who cares what you believe about climate change: fact is fact. Or rather, science has brought those facts through lengthy study and review by many in the field. Also, lest you should forget, God, from what I understand, gave humans free will. For the most part, unless God somehow spoke to you directly, which I doubt, rape and incest were choices made by human beings with free will. Don't try and bs us with "God's will." Humans should have the freedom to do as they please so long as it doesn't impede another human's freedom. There is separation of church and state in the Constitution for a reason. Among other things. Rant over.

  • Danny L.
    06/01/2017 22:26

    These guys make Christians look bad.

  • Kelvin L.
    06/01/2017 23:10

    You know this god personality sounds like a real asshole coming based on these GOP's descriptions.

  • Michael D.
    06/01/2017 23:11

    Representants? You mean.....representatives???

  • Mariana I.
    06/01/2017 23:13

    Omaigá! En que manos estamos! Help us God! Please help us with this crazy people in the power! 😭

  • Brittany L.
    06/01/2017 23:53

    They're playing their supporters. And it's awful. Some people may believe that they're being genuine but I don't buy one bit of it. If it were genuine they wouldn't do the things they do, like pass bills/laws that hurt the common person. They'd cut their fat checks and pensions in order to lower government spending instead of taking money away from education and health care. They wouldn't be in favor of fossil fuels which harm the planet we were allowed to live on. To me actions speak louder than words. They can say these words all they want, but until they begin to act like it I'm not buying one word spoken.

  • Consuelo I.
    06/01/2017 23:55

    Ayyyy Dios, ahora sí pobres gringos están rodeados de verdaderos imbeciles!!!!!!! De verdad que Dios los ayude, en serio lo van a necesitar.

  • Enrique C.
    06/01/2017 23:56


  • Devin G.
    06/02/2017 00:03


  • Matt S.
    06/02/2017 01:26

    Climate change is real. God...not so much.

  • Emerald K.
    06/02/2017 01:42

    they need to pray for forgiveness

  • Ian S.
    06/02/2017 01:46

    Oh for fucks sake. I hope he enjoys burning in hell for wearing clothing of mixed fabrics. Looks like he shaved too. Bummer, God isn't gonna like that. These dumb hypocrites don't even know what their God told them not to do. It's black and white.

  • Alex V.
    06/02/2017 02:02

    Lmaooo this old day shit. Using religion to manipulate your people. Move on next! 😂😂💯

  • Vick M.
    06/02/2017 02:29

    God.....our government is hoping "god" fixes it? Bruh I can't !! Seriously 😞

  • Bailey G.
    06/02/2017 03:32

    This is not okay. There is a separation of church and state for a reason!!!!

  • Max O.
    06/02/2017 03:44

    Religion and politics should have nothing to do with each other it's ridiculous.

  • Pariz N.
    06/02/2017 03:51

    God damn these god damn motherfucking god damn idiots. God damn it!!!

  • LI N.
    06/02/2017 04:48

    But in the bible Adam and Eve are made out of the same rib, meaning they're brother and sister? But in the bible a 13 year old got pregnant by a 30 year old ghost? I am rather confused as what your bible says.

  • Maggie K.
    06/02/2017 05:21

    what's separation of church and state supposed to mean again?