How do frigatebirds find their mates?

This red pouch filled with air may look strange, but it's actually a key element of frigatebirds' courtship ritual.

05/07/2019 6:23 AM


  • Con C.
    07/08/2019 10:33

    I also inflate and shake a certain part of me to attract you but you just look at me with disappointment

  • Cesar S.
    07/08/2019 04:45


  • Linus E.
    07/05/2019 04:44

    på nått sätt påminner den om dig..

  • Zulkefli A.
    07/05/2019 02:15

    When mating season comes around

  • Steven M.
    07/05/2019 00:55


  • Devin P.
    07/04/2019 22:24

    I wish I could just shake my pouch to attract a mate

  • Antonietta D.
    07/04/2019 22:08

    Anita Mindthegap Kat'fajmal da dove vogliamo iniziare?

  • Celina G.
    07/04/2019 19:20

    It honestly looks like it could be popped so easily like it’s gum or something

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