• Muhamad A.
    04/09/2020 17:48

    My dear non muslim sisters and brothers I give you an advice to search on Islam You all read the Quran in your language He is the Book of Allah And the book sent by Allah Which he called his Prophet Mohammad Pbuh My dear brothers and sisters have to die 1 day Allah has to resurrect us If we obey Allah while living in the world There we will get heaven Which is a very fun life There we will never die There we will never grow old we will get very good food from heaven The best thing we can get is Allah Mohammad and all the prophets There will be no work and death will never come And what is the command of Allah Faith in allah is one He has no decent No his son or daughter Neither is his mother no father He has no relatives He is just one He always has been and always will be Whatever is on the ground and in anticipation, everything belongs to him. , believe in Mohammed PBUH Faith on the whole Prophet The sky is in the book Faith in Allah' angels Faith in Qeyamat day Faith in being alive again after death And good practice with it Keep the fasting prayer Pay zakat Hajj to the house of Allah Jihad for allah Helping the poor Feed muskin Don't drink alcohol Don't kill someone No stealing No Fukien Don't haram eat food . . . . . . . . . . . All this was to go to heaven And second is Jahannam he'll Who does not believe in Allah and Mohammed Pbuh Worships ghosts Or call anyone son or daughter of Allah Someone with Allah is decent One who does not consider Allah as one and Muhammad as the last prophet of Allah And the job is bad Who has a declared Eating meat of haraam animals Who kills someone Hates the parents May Allah throw him in the he'll jahanam And what is hell There is a growing fire in jahannam He'll Whoever is put in it will be alive all the time, he will not die Whoever asks for water will be given very hot water The person who wants to eat there will be given the food of a hard tree He will never get out of the hell He will keep on burning in fire all the time, death will not come Life will never end there To all my non-Muslim sisters and brothers invite an entry into Islam Please confess islam please Do not get angry And think too much about this issue Don't know when life will end and then have to regret It is a duty on all Muslims to tell the truth about Islam May Allah guide us And help us Ameen Thanks

  • George W.
    03/05/2020 01:48


  • Brandon L.
    12/10/2019 18:56

    Angelea Limon

  • Chawki Z.
    11/10/2019 08:40

    I love you more than millions of humans. Fidel.

  • Sundar M.
    10/31/2019 23:56

    Cute doggiee

  • Lal Z.
    10/31/2019 19:52

    Good dog

  • Vinayak A.
    10/31/2019 18:55


  • Skkapapoor K.
    10/31/2019 08:02


  • Oualid B.
    10/30/2019 23:48

    ❤️I love this

  • Helena M.
    10/30/2019 10:53

    Trés bien🙏👍🌹

  • Asha K.
    10/29/2019 03:41

    Also street dogs become jeanious if you have ability to trand them.

  • Mohmmad F.
    10/28/2019 16:58

    Lant hy bholi wazer

  • Joseph K.
    10/28/2019 16:24


  • Asha S.
    10/28/2019 16:00

    Well done doggies. U r always man's friend.

  • Mohanan K.
    10/28/2019 15:29


  • Koshka U.
    10/28/2019 09:17

    toujours moins seul* ou bien toujours en companie*

  • J P.
    10/28/2019 05:10


  • Deomatie G.
    10/27/2019 23:23

    Love all those doggies

  • Muhammad A.
    10/27/2019 04:54


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