How to shave with zero waste

How to: Shave with zero waste Shaving generates hundreds of thousands of tons of waste each year. Maël, who is a volunteer at La Maison du Zéro Déchet, shares his eco-friendly shaving alternatives.

Thousands of tons of waste are produced as a result of shaving every year

Maël, a volunteer at “La Maison du Zéro Déchet”, explains how to shave with zero waste.

Choosing your razor

“Disposable razors are made mostly from plastic, a type of plastic that is almost never recycled, and a huge quantity is thrown out each year. Yet a pretty simple alternative exists: switching to a metal razor, known as a safety razor, which is unbreakable and has an infinite lifespan. Unlike disposable razors, metal razors are made of a single material with just one changeable part, the blade, which is right here, made of metal, which can be recycled with other metals at the recycling center.”

Using a shaving cream substitute

“With commercial shaving cream, you’re producing new waste with the container, but it’s very easy to do without it. One of the first zero-waste solutions is to make your own shaving cream… Another zero-waste solution, which I prefer, is to use soap.”

Changing your aftershave

If you use aftershave, you can easily replace it with the vegetable oil of your choice, depending on your preferences. It will help hydrate your skin.”


01/20/2020 5:08 PM


  • Ace C.
    7 days

    That double edge razor will cut you to ribbons!

  • Judith B.
    05/31/2021 12:41

    Learn to use a straight razor.

  • Robert A.
    05/31/2021 05:51

    Or we could just normalize beards and not shave anymore

  • Mritunjay B.
    05/31/2021 05:03

    Old school Very basic Worth adopting

  • Stella M.
    05/30/2021 21:39

    I'd like to see him using that razor on his balls. Then he'll have my vote.

  • Yakesha J.
    05/30/2021 20:45

    Lol ya but you wasted water cleaning it because the tap ran for way to long just to clean 1 razor. Catch water in a bowl and use disinfectant to wash or just plain water.

  • Tommy C.
    05/30/2021 20:01

    ..or grow a beard🧔