• Mac D.
    02/22/2019 21:05

    witwiw she's a lucky girl she looks preety with her boobs 👍

  • Mac D.
    02/22/2019 21:04

    daw ikaw eh

  • Rocky G.
    01/18/2019 00:26

    So now were shaming us guys who workout and stay in shape lol. When do u liberals draw the line with ur nonsense

  • Kayla S.
    01/17/2019 21:42


  • مصطفى ا.
    01/17/2019 20:33

    i thought boobs were for women😂😂

  • Miguel A.
    01/17/2019 18:43

    that is gay.

  • Ryan J.
    01/16/2019 21:51

    Gay Chasers live their chubs

  • Samuel M.
    01/16/2019 20:16

    Let's go to the gym people. 😁

  • Bird B.
    01/16/2019 19:45

    Nope. I’m hitting the Gym Monday. I felt better and looked better when I was fit af.

  • Querelle S.
    01/16/2019 14:54

    I’m all for male body positivity ❤️

  • Rodney N.
    01/16/2019 12:40

    Talking mangina.

  • Angela L.
    01/16/2019 12:06

    Idris Elba is not white and so is Michael Bae Jordan.

  • Ian A.
    01/16/2019 09:31

    Get to the gym and eat better, it's not hard, people just think it is or have too many excuses

  • Egbert C.
    01/16/2019 06:22

    Nah, I'm going back to gym.

  • Christopher J.
    01/16/2019 03:18

    this is the average white knight.

  • Alexandros B.
    01/16/2019 00:12

    You can embrace your body or you can challenge yourself to be more than you are . . .

  • Cepi O.
    01/15/2019 23:43

    Raul Grijalva love u just the way u are from me and your dad

  • Iulian A.
    01/15/2019 23:09

    No. Just no! No matter how many arguments you bring to the table, having man boobs is not acceptable!

  • Scott M.
    01/15/2019 22:53

    Why don’t you look the same you ask? Maybe stick with the workouts instead of quitting.?Sounds like you just don’t commit and mope about your situation.

  • Randy C.
    01/15/2019 22:46

    So that’s what a transgender looks like!

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